[Karmic] t1-cyrillic won't build

Bug #425277 reported by seasoned_geek on 2009-09-06
This bug affects 1 person
Affects Status Importance Assigned to Milestone
scalable-cyrfonts (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

Attempting to build the package results in the following:

roland@logikaldesktop:~/t1_fonts/scalable-cyrfonts-4.12+nmu2$ sudo make clean
[sudo] password for roland:
rm -f unpack convert makeafm1 makeafm2 makeafm makeraw1 makeraw2 makeraw3 makepfa makepfb build
rm -rf *~
rm -rf teams urw oldslavic fonts
rm -rf RAW Teams URW afm1 raw1 raw3 afm2 raw2 afm pfa pfb doc
rm -f *fonts.alias *fonts.scale Fontmap scalable-cyrfonts-tex.map
rm -rf fontinst/*.pfb fontinst/*.pfa
cd fontinst && make clean
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/roland/t1_fonts/scalable-cyrfonts-4.12+nmu2/fontinst'
rm -f latex_mtx latex_fonts copyafms tfmvf copyall plvplfd
rm -f 6r.etx lcy.etx lcy-hi.etx ot2.etx t2a.etx t2b.etx t2c.etx x2.etx lcyc.etx lcyci.etx lcycij.etx lcycj.etx lcyctt.etx lcyi.etx lcyij.etx lcyitt.etx lcyj.etx lcytt.etx ot2c.etx ot2cj.etx ot2i.etx ot2ij.etx ot2j.etx t2ac.etx t2acj.etx t2ai.etx t2aij.etx t2aj.etx t2bc.etx t2bcj.etx t2bi.etx t2bij.etx t2bj.etx t2cc.etx t2ccj.etx t2ci.etx t2cij.etx t2cj.etx x2c.etx x2cj.etx x2i.etx x2ij.etx x2j.etx cyrillic.mtx fnstcorr.tex cyralias.tex
rm -f makefonts.tex cyrfonts.map
rm -f ftm-OT1.tex fhv-OT1.tex fcr-OT1.tex fag-OT1.tex fbk-OT1.tex fnc-OT1.tex fpl-OT1.tex fta-OT1.tex fsj-OT1.tex fzc-OT1.tex ftm-OT2.tex fhv-OT2.tex fcr-OT2.tex fag-OT2.tex fbk-OT2.tex fnc-OT2.tex fpl-OT2.tex fta-OT2.tex fsj-OT2.tex fzc-OT2.tex ftm-T1.tex fhv-T1.tex fcr-T1.tex fag-T1.tex fbk-T1.tex fnc-T1.tex fpl-T1.tex fta-T1.tex fsj-T1.tex fzc-T1.tex ftm-TS1.tex fhv-TS1.tex fcr-TS1.tex fag-TS1.tex fbk-TS1.tex fnc-TS1.tex fpl-TS1.tex fta-TS1.tex fsj-TS1.tex fzc-TS1.tex ftm-T2A.tex fhv-T2A.tex fcr-T2A.tex fag-T2A.tex fbk-T2A.tex fnc-T2A.tex fpl-T2A.tex fta-T2A.tex fsj-T2A.tex fzc-T2A.tex ftm-T2B.tex fhv-T2B.tex fcr-T2B.tex fag-T2B.tex fbk-T2B.tex fnc-T2B.tex fpl-T2B.tex fta-T2B.tex fsj-T2B.tex fzc-T2B.tex ftm-T2C.tex fhv-T2C.tex fcr-T2C.tex fag-T2C.tex fbk-T2C.tex fnc-T2C.tex fpl-T2C.tex fta-T2C.tex fsj-T2C.tex fzc-T2C.tex ftm-mtx.tex fhv-mtx.tex fcr-mtx.tex fag-mtx.tex fbk-mtx.tex fnc-mtx.tex fpl-mtx.tex fta-mtx.tex fsj-mtx.tex fzc-mtx.tex
rm -f *.etx *.mtx fnstcorr.tex cyralias.tex
rm -f *.afm *.pl *.tfm *.mtx *.fd *.vpl *.vf *.log
rm -f *~
rm -f hugelatex.fmt hugelatex.log hugelatex.aux texsys.aux
rm texmf.cnf
rm: cannot remove `texmf.cnf': No such file or directory
make[1]: [clean] Error 1 (ignored)
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/roland/t1_fonts/scalable-cyrfonts-4.12+nmu2/fontinst'
rm -rf texfonts/ cidfonts/
roland@logikaldesktop:~/t1_fonts/scalable-cyrfonts-4.12+nmu2$ sudo make
mkdir fonts
mkdir teams
tar zxf teams-1.1.tar.gz -C teams
cp teams/teams/Teams/*.{pfa,afm} fonts
mkdir urw
tar jxf urw-fonts-1.0.7pre40-src.tar.bz2 -C urw
cat fontnames | while read a b; do mv -v $a $b; done
`urw/CenturySchL-BoldItal.sfd' -> `fonts/c059036d.sfd'
`urw/CenturySchL-Bold.sfd' -> `fonts/c059016d.sfd'
`urw/CenturySchL-Ital.sfd' -> `fonts/c059033d.sfd'
`urw/CenturySchL-Roma.sfd' -> `fonts/c059013d.sfd'
`urw/NimbusMonL-BoldObli.sfd' -> `fonts/n022024d.sfd'
`urw/NimbusMonL-Bold.sfd' -> `fonts/n022004d.sfd'
`urw/NimbusMonL-ReguObli.sfd' -> `fonts/n022023d.sfd'
`urw/NimbusMonL-Regu.sfd' -> `fonts/n022003d.sfd'
`urw/NimbusRomanNo9L-Regu.sfd' -> `fonts/n021003d.sfd'
`urw/NimbusRomNo9L-MediItal.sfd' -> `fonts/n021024d.sfd'
`urw/NimbusRomNo9L-Medi.sfd' -> `fonts/n021004d.sfd'
`urw/NimbusRomNo9L-ReguItal.sfd' -> `fonts/n021023d.sfd'
`urw/NimbusSanL-BoldCondItal.sfd' -> `fonts/n019064d.sfd'
`urw/NimbusSanL-BoldCond.sfd' -> `fonts/n019044d.sfd'
`urw/NimbusSanL-BoldItal.sfd' -> `fonts/n019024d.sfd'
`urw/NimbusSanL-ReguCondItal.sfd' -> `fonts/n019063d.sfd'
`urw/NimbusSanL-ReguCond.sfd' -> `fonts/n019043d.sfd'
`urw/NimbusSanL-ReguItal.sfd' -> `fonts/n019023d.sfd'
`urw/NimbusSansL-Bold.sfd' -> `fonts/n019004d.sfd'
`urw/NimbusSansL-Regu.sfd' -> `fonts/n019003d.sfd'
`urw/URWBookmanL-DemiBoldItal.sfd' -> `fonts/b018035d.sfd'
`urw/URWBookmanL-DemiBold.sfd' -> `fonts/b018015d.sfd'
`urw/URWBookmanL-LighItal.sfd' -> `fonts/b018032d.sfd'
`urw/URWBookmanL-Ligh.sfd' -> `fonts/b018012d.sfd'
`urw/URWChanceryL-MediItal.sfd' -> `fonts/z003034d.sfd'
`urw/URWGothicL-BookObli.sfd' -> `fonts/a010033d.sfd'
`urw/URWGothicL-Book.sfd' -> `fonts/a010013d.sfd'
`urw/URWGothicL-DemiObli.sfd' -> `fonts/a010035d.sfd'
`urw/URWGothicL-Demi.sfd' -> `fonts/a010015d.sfd'
`urw/URWPalladioL-BoldItal.sfd' -> `fonts/p052024d.sfd'
`urw/URWPalladioL-Bold.sfd' -> `fonts/p052004d.sfd'
`urw/URWPalladioL-Ital.sfd' -> `fonts/p052023d.sfd'
`urw/URWPalladioL-Roma.sfd' -> `fonts/p052003d.sfd'
mkdir oldslavic
tar jxf oldslavic.tar.bz2 -C oldslavic
cp oldslavic/*.{afm,pfb} fonts
touch unpack
mkdir texfonts
Patching fonts/teams.sfd ...
Patching fonts/teamsi.sfd ...
Patching fonts/teamsb.sfd ...
Patching fonts/teamsbi.sfd ...
Converting a010013d (Free Avant Garde Book)...done.
Converting a010015d (Free Avant Garde Demi)...done.
Converting a010033d (Free Avant Garde Book Oblique)...done.
Converting a010035d (Free Avant Garde Demi Oblique)...done.
Converting b018012d (Free Bookman Light)...done.
Converting b018015d (Free Bookman Demi)...done.
Converting b018032d (Free Bookman Light Italic)...done.
Converting b018035d (Free Bookman Demi Italic)...done.
Converting c059013d (Free Schoolbook Roman)...done.
Converting c059016d (Free Schoolbook Bold)...done.
Converting c059033d (Free Schoolbook Italic)...done.
Converting c059036d (Free Schoolbook Bold Italic)...done.
Converting n019003d (Free Helvetian)...done.
Converting n019004d (Free Helvetian Bold)...done.
Converting n019023d (Free Helvetian Oblique)...done.
Converting n019024d (Free Helvetian Bold Oblique)...done.
Converting n019043d (Free Helvetian Condensed)...done.
Converting n019044d (Free Helvetian Condensed Bold)...done.
Converting n019063d (Free Helvetian Condensed Oblique)...done.
Converting n019064d (Free Helvetian Condensed Bold Oblique)...done.
Converting n021003d (Free Times Roman)...done.
Converting n021004d (Free Times Bold)...done.
Converting n021023d (Free Times Italic)...done.
Converting n021024d (Free Times Bold Italic)...done.
Converting n022003d (Free Courier)...done.
Converting n022004d (Free Courier Bold)...done.
Converting n022023d (Free Courier Oblique)...done.
Converting n022024d (Free Courier Bold Oblique)...done.
Converting p052003d (Free Paladin Roman)...done.
Converting p052004d (Free Paladin Bold)...done.
Converting p052023d (Free Paladin Italic)...done.
Converting p052024d (Free Paladin Bold Italic)...done.
Converting z003034d (Free Chancery Italic)...done.
Converting teams (Teams Normal)...done.
Converting teamsb (Teams Bold)...done.
Converting teamsi (Teams Oblique)...done.
Converting teamsbi (Teams Bold Oblique)...done.
Converting OldSlavicRegu (OldSlavic)...done.
touch convert
awk -f hint.awk -v cat=alias -v pkg=t1-cyrillic <hintinfo >t1-cyrillic-fonts.alias
awk -f hint.awk -v cat=alias -v pkg=t1-teams <hintinfo >t1-teams-fonts.alias
awk -f hint.awk -v cat=alias -v pkg=t1-oldslavic <hintinfo >t1-oldslavic-fonts.alias
awk -f hint.awk -v cat=scale -v pkg=t1-cyrillic <hintinfo >t1-cyrillic-fonts.scale
awk -f hint.awk -v cat=scale -v pkg=t1-teams <hintinfo >t1-teams-fonts.scale
awk -f hint.awk -v cat=scale -v pkg=t1-oldslavic <hintinfo >t1-oldslavic-fonts.scale
awk -f hint.awk -v cat=texfontmap <hintinfo | sort >scalable-cyrfonts-tex.map
cd fontinst && make all
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/roland/t1_fonts/scalable-cyrfonts-4.12+nmu2/fontinst'
cp ../t2/cyrfinst/6r.etx ../t2/cyrfinst/lcy.etx ../t2/cyrfinst/lcy-hi.etx ../t2/cyrfinst/ot2.etx ../t2/cyrfinst/t2a.etx ../t2/cyrfinst/t2b.etx ../t2/cyrfinst/t2c.etx ../t2/cyrfinst/x2.etx ../t2/cyrfinst/derivatives/lcyc.etx ../t2/cyrfinst/derivatives/lcyci.etx ../t2/cyrfinst/derivatives/lcycij.etx ../t2/cyrfinst/derivatives/lcycj.etx ../t2/cyrfinst/derivatives/lcyctt.etx ../t2/cyrfinst/derivatives/lcyi.etx ../t2/cyrfinst/derivatives/lcyij.etx ../t2/cyrfinst/derivatives/lcyitt.etx ../t2/cyrfinst/derivatives/lcyj.etx ../t2/cyrfinst/derivatives/lcytt.etx ../t2/cyrfinst/derivatives/ot2c.etx ../t2/cyrfinst/derivatives/ot2cj.etx ../t2/cyrfinst/derivatives/ot2i.etx ../t2/cyrfinst/derivatives/ot2ij.etx ../t2/cyrfinst/derivatives/ot2j.etx ../t2/cyrfinst/derivatives/t2ac.etx ../t2/cyrfinst/derivatives/t2acj.etx ../t2/cyrfinst/derivatives/t2ai.etx ../t2/cyrfinst/derivatives/t2aij.etx ../t2/cyrfinst/derivatives/t2aj.etx ../t2/cyrfinst/derivatives/t2bc.etx ../t2/cyrfinst/derivatives/t2bcj.etx ../t2/cyrfinst/derivatives/t2bi.etx ../t2/cyrfinst/derivatives/t2bij.etx ../t2/cyrfinst/derivatives/t2bj.etx ../t2/cyrfinst/derivatives/t2cc.etx ../t2/cyrfinst/derivatives/t2ccj.etx ../t2/cyrfinst/derivatives/t2ci.etx ../t2/cyrfinst/derivatives/t2cij.etx ../t2/cyrfinst/derivatives/t2cj.etx ../t2/cyrfinst/derivatives/x2c.etx ../t2/cyrfinst/derivatives/x2cj.etx ../t2/cyrfinst/derivatives/x2i.etx ../t2/cyrfinst/derivatives/x2ij.etx ../t2/cyrfinst/derivatives/x2j.etx ../t2/cyrfinst/cyrillic.mtx ../t2/cyrfinst/etc/fnstcorr.tex ../t2/cyrfinst/etc/cyralias.tex .
cp ../6r.etx .
cp /usr/share/fonts/type1/gsfonts/s050000l.afm psyr.afm
for j in ../texfonts/*.afm; do \
                ../shortenafm $j >`basename $j`; \
touch copyafms
touch copyall
cp /etc/texmf/texmf.cnf .
cat 99cyrfonts-build.cnf >> texmf.cnf
perl makemtx.perl ftm 8a 6w >ftm-mtx.tex
perl makemtx.perl fhv 8a 6w >fhv-mtx.tex
perl makemtx.perl fcr 8a 6w >fcr-mtx.tex
perl makemtx.perl fag 8a 6w >fag-mtx.tex
perl makemtx.perl fbk 8a 6w >fbk-mtx.tex
perl makemtx.perl fnc 8a 6w >fnc-mtx.tex
perl makemtx.perl fpl 8a 6w >fpl-mtx.tex
perl makemtx.perl fta 8a 6w >fta-mtx.tex
perl makemtx.perl fsj 8a 6w >fsj-mtx.tex
perl makemtx.perl fzc 8a 6w >fzc-mtx.tex
set -e && for i in ftm-mtx.tex fhv-mtx.tex fcr-mtx.tex fag-mtx.tex fbk-mtx.tex fnc-mtx.tex fpl-mtx.tex fta-mtx.tex fsj-mtx.tex fzc-mtx.tex; do\
                latex $i; \
This is pdfTeXk, Version 3.141592-1.40.3 (Web2C 7.5.6)
 %&-line parsing enabled.
entering extended mode
LaTeX2e <2005/12/01>
Babel <v3.8h> and hyphenation patterns for english, usenglishmax, dumylang, noh
yphenation, loaded.
! I can't find file `fontinst.sty'.
l.1 \input fontinst.sty

Please type another input file name: ^C! I can't find file `fontinst'.
l.1 \input fontinst.sty

Please type another input file name: ^C

security vulnerability: no → yes
visibility: public → private
Marc Deslauriers (mdeslaur) wrote :

Thanks for taking the time to report this bug and helping to make Ubuntu better. We appreciate the difficulties you are facing, but this appears to be a "regular" (non-security) bug. I have unmarked it as a security issue since this bug does not show evidence of allowing attackers to cross privilege boundaries nor directly cause loss of data/privacy. Please feel free to report any other bugs you may find.

security vulnerability: yes → no
visibility: private → public
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