Comment 26 for bug 85488

@ llimaa, as I noted, if you compile a kernel without USB_SUSPEND, it works fine. and as Ubuntu kernel dev Ben Collins also noted, this option is needed for laptop suspend/resume, so either libusb or sane-backends/xsane/kooka/quiteinsane/etc needs to be patched somehow to resolve this. And as i don't see *all* scanners broken, I am guessing this may need to be done for each sane backend (driver) that is exhibiting these issues. Easier than kernel/libusb hacking I am sure.

I have lost the link, but I did find that someone had determined that the scanners were being set to 'sleep' much too quickly so the scanner never even starts, or for those that do, it stops before finishing its path

now to see if i can find where I discovered that information.......