Comment 21 for bug 1577137

Hanky (hankschwie) wrote :

With systemd used in 16.04 (xenial is 16.04, not 16.10, that will be released in october...) saned is not meant to be started manually. saned.socket is listening for incoming requests. saned is started when a program like XSane or scanimage are started and request a start of saned, too. There are quite a few XXX.service files in lib/systemd/system pointing to /dev/null. No need to remove those, since the service is handled other files, in this case by saned@.service in this case.

I'm no expert, but I read that it is necessary when in a foo.socket file an expression `Accept=yes` is used, the corresponding service file has to be foo@.service, while foo.service is not usable. I think that is the reason why it points to /dev/null

Just configure the other saned-files (/etc/sane.d/saned.conf on the server, /etc/sane.d/net.conf on the client), start the socket with `sudo systemctl start saned.socket`, start up XSane, and if you didn't make any mistakes you'll find a saned process running (see my last post).