Activity log for bug #1308657

Date Who What changed Old value New value Message
2014-04-16 17:42:23 tcedi bug added bug
2014-04-16 18:38:39 Jean-Baptiste Lallement ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu): importance Undecided High
2014-04-16 18:38:44 Jean-Baptiste Lallement ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu): status New Triaged
2014-04-16 18:39:39 Jean-Baptiste Lallement ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu): assignee Michael Vogt (mvo)
2014-04-16 18:39:50 Jean-Baptiste Lallement nominated for series Ubuntu Trusty
2014-04-16 18:39:50 Jean-Baptiste Lallement bug task added ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu Trusty)
2014-04-16 18:40:01 Jean-Baptiste Lallement ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu Trusty): milestone trusty-updates
2014-04-16 18:40:50 Jean-Baptiste Lallement summary Ubuntu 13.10 to 14.04 desktop upgrade mandatory testcase failed with message 'An unresolvable problem occurred while calculating the upgrade.' Ubuntu 13.10 to 14.04: failed to upgrade libsmbclient:amd64 with libsmbclient:i386 installed.
2014-04-16 20:46:43 Ubuntu QA Website tags amd64 apport-bug dist-upgrade saucy third-party-packages amd64 apport-bug dist-upgrade iso-testing saucy third-party-packages
2014-04-17 12:56:57 Michael Vogt affects ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu Trusty) samba4 (Ubuntu Trusty)
2014-04-30 14:02:35 Michael Vogt bug watch added
2014-04-30 14:02:35 Michael Vogt bug task added samba4 (Debian)
2014-04-30 15:36:53 Bug Watch Updater samba4 (Debian): status Unknown Confirmed
2015-08-21 06:27:59 Mathew Hodson samba4 (Ubuntu): milestone trusty-updates
2017-08-03 19:23:21 Bug Watch Updater samba4 (Debian): status Confirmed Fix Released