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SemperFI (filosofico) wrote :

I used wubi to install the ver LTS ver 12.0... PP 32 bit
previosly I had installed in the same machine Xubuntu 11. ... 64 bit

 to me seems that the 32 bit install kept some 64bit libs or config file (in the boot give me the option to go to a previous linux install) .... is that possible?

The hardware is 6 year old pentium d 950 with 3 gb of ram and 2 disk an 80 Gb sata 2 and a 500 gb sata2 on an intel ICH7 motherboard.

Trying to find the best version to use because i want to move all my work environment to a linux system (Win 8 is running on the 80gb and i dont like where MS is going with their OS working toghether with the big watcher :) )

1) given the HW could someone suggest which is the best version to use:
2) How can i make sure that one install is not going on top opf the others (clean up PC of any install) do I need to repartition or format the disk?
3) could someone suggest a good book on using ruby to develop testing gig)

Thank you