Comment 5 for bug 709188

Michael Lueck (mlueck) wrote :

All right, I retested this via testing Samba Port based printing which I used until SpoolSS / Point-n-Print was not working properly in Samba, back in v 3.0.2 time frame. That works properly allowing the check boxes / selection to enable the Envelope Feeder option to be active.

I was able to print a COM10 envelope from WordPerfect and it was pulled correctly from the Envelope Feeder.

Port based printing is where you go to the ports tab of the printer properties, add a port, and fill in the UNC path to the printer resource on the Samba server.

So I believe this is specifically a problem with storing the printer driver on the Samba server via Point-n-Print and printing via SpoolSS. That would also tie in with check boxes not staying checked as the idea behind Point-n-Print is for administrators to be able to publish printers and pre-configure the driver for use with that SPECIFIC printer and its capabilities.