Comment 4 for bug 709188

Michael Lueck (mlueck) wrote :

@Tim: The only application I know of which is able to comprehend the envelope feeder on the printer is WordPerfect which is a Windows application.

We run Ubuntu Server edition on our servers, no GUI, no nothing!

Yes my workstation runs Ubuntu Desktop edition (9.04 still as I have one application dependent on 9.04 code).

Likewise I am printing directly to CUPS and having much better success. Print jobs from Firefox went to never-never land while print jobs from Thunderbird (2.x) would print. Since switching to "direct to CUPS" printing Firefox is able to print. However that was broken even when the server was running 9.04. I have since upgraded it to 10.04 LTS.

And it is not only the envelope feeder which got "killed" by the upgrade form 9.04 -> 10.04. I quote: "The PCL 5e and PCL 6 drivers print COM10 envelopes on plain paper from the tray, and they do not even rotate the text 90'."

So Samba MUST be doing more than merely spooling print data headed to CUPS. "But it is coming from Windows... how much detail could Samba possibly figure out about the print job?!?!" I would think Samba merely spools data to CUPS, but apparently not the case.

One thing which I just realized, I have not tried to connect with Windows to the print queues on Samba without using the Point-n-Print uploaded drivers. I will try to work up a test environment to test that scenario. Specifically, still printing through Samba but not make use of the driver already uploaded to the server.