Comment 13 for bug 393888

On 13/02/10 at 20:11 -0000, Ralf Nieuwenhuijsen wrote:
> Sorry for the late reply.
> It does happen with the 1.9 ruby package in Karmic. It doesn't happen
> when I build from source (apt-get source ruby1.9.1 && apt-get build-dep
> ruby1.9.1). But it's hard to tell because I likely have all kinds of
> build dependencies installed. In the next few days, I'll find some time
> to create another virtual machiene running the ubuntu-virtual-server
> image of lucid. That should clear things up as to what packages have
> this bug and what triggers it.

the 1.9 ruby package is karmic is likely ruby1.9.*0*. I could not
reproduce the problem with ruby1.9.*1*.

> I suppose it's better that I test the lucid situation than the karmic
> situation anyways.
> Just a general question: what will the ruby transitional package refer to?
> And what will be the default dependency of ruby related packages (like diakonos or passenger) to depend upon?
> I would really like to see Ubuntu make the transition away from ruby 1.8
> .. nobody is running stock ruby1.8 with passenger on a production
> server. They are either running ruby enterprise editition or ruby 1.9,
> because the performance simple isn't acceptable otherwise.

Ruby 1.9 is just provided as a development snapshot. There are too many
libs that don't work yet with 1.9.

> Unfortunately I'm not a C programmer and am not too familiar with
> their build system. But i'll do my best to pinpoint the problems and
> possible diversions from upstream that are responsible for the issues.

There are no diversions from upstream that cause that bug. 1.9.0 is
buggy upstream, 1.9.1 is not.
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