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Lucas Kanashiro (lucaskanashiro) wrote :


The package ruby-daemons is already in Ubuntu universe.

The package ruby-daemons build for the architectures it is designed to work on.

It currently builds and works for architectures: amd64 (arch:all)

Link to package [[|ruby-daemons]]


The package ruby-daemons is required in Ubuntu main for thin promotion
which is a runtime dependency of pcs (the main reason for this promotion).

Ideally, we expect that ruby-daemons (and pcs) will be promoted in the Kinetic
development cycle. The idea is to promote only the ruby-daemons binary.


Required links:

Nothing was found searching for the package name.

Nothing was found searching in the OSS security mailing list archive.

Also nothing found in the Ubuntu security tracker.

No `suid` or `sgid` binaries.

No executables in `/sbin` and `/usr/sbin`.

Package does not install services, timers or recurring jobs.

Packages does not open privileged ports (ports < 1024).

Packages does not contain extensions to security-sensitive software
(filters, scanners, plugins, UI skins, ...).

[Quality assurance - function/usage]

The package works well right after install.

[Quality assurance - maintenance]

The package is maintained well in Debian/Ubuntu and has not too many
and long term critical bugs open

- Ubuntu
- Debian

The package does not deal with exotic hardware we cannot support.

[Quality assurance - testing]

The package runs a test suite on build time, if it fails
it makes the build fail, link to build log:

The package runs an autopkgtest, and is currently passing on
this list of architectures: amd64, arm64, armhf, ppc64el, s390x.

Link to test logs:

The package does not have failing autopkgtests right now. Only in i386, where
some dependencies are not installable.

[Quality assurance - packaging]

debian/watch is present and works.

debian/control defines a correct Maintainer field.

Lintian overrides are not present. Here is the output of `lintian --pedantic`
against Kinetic version:

W: ruby-daemons source: newer-standards-version 4.6.1 (current is

This package does not rely on obsolete or about to be demoted packages.

The package will not be installed by default.

Packaging and build is easy, link to d/rules:

[UI standards]

Application is not end-user facing (does not need translation).


No further depends or recommends dependencies that are not yet in main.

[Standards compliance]

This package correctly follows FHS and Debian Policy.


Owning Team will be Server.

Team is not yet, but will subscribe to the package before promotion.

This does not use static builds.

This does not use vendored code.

This package is not rust based.

The package has been built in the archive more recently than the last
test rebuild.

[Background information]

The Package description explains the package well.

Upstream Name is: daemons.

Link to upstream project: