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Bug #1065536: rsyslog imrelp module doesn't do DNS resolve to hostname Undecided Confirmed 354 weeks

From: ake sandgren
Link: fix-imrelp-ipv6-hostname-lookup

fix imrelp to resolv ip address to hostname

Bug #933943: rsyslogd please apply patch for large group handling Medium Triaged 388 weeks

From: Alec Warner
Link: 0001-call-getgrnam_r-repeatedly-to-get-all-group-members.patch


Bug #463471: karmic regression: logcheck prints CRON CMD lines Wishlist Confirmed 491 weeks

From: Loïc Minier
Link: logcheck-1.2.69ubuntu1.debdiff

Proposed debdiff

Bug #407862: Messages not being sent to system logs Undecided Confirmed 516 weeks

From: Michael Terry
Link: rsyslog-fileowner.debdiff


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