Comment 4 for bug 570103

Michael Jeanson (mjeanson) wrote :

SRU for lucid (

1. Impact :
Changes in /etc/default/rsyslog aren't honored by the upstart job.

2. Fix in development version :
The fix is a simple modification in the upstart job to source the default file.
It was fixed in natty with package version 4.6.4-2ubuntu3

3. Patch :
See bzr branch : lp:~mjeanson/ubuntu/lucid/rsyslog/bug570103

* Add options to RSYSLOGD_OPTIONS in /etc/default/rsyslog
* Restart rsyslog and verify that the options were not applied

5. Regression potential
If a user has invalid informations in /etc/default/rsyslog, it was previously ignored and will now be sourced.