Comment 16 for bug 407862

The 'bs=1' kernel message fix helps, since otherwise kernel messages
don't get through at all. With bs=1 you get kernel messages when you
restart the daemon, but it stops again when you issue a 'HUP'.

I put some debug into the code over the weekend and lightweight
restart appears to close all the log files. They are then reopened 'on
demand' - but fail with 'permission denied.'

The lightweight restart option needs to be disabled somehow -
internally and via HUP. Either that or stop closing files in
lightweight mode. The file access code is a bit messy and it looks
hard to stop the file closes on HUP without breaking somehting else.
Perhaps upstream has a better suggestion?

I don't think the report is a 'wont fix' - we kinda need system log
messages to get through. :)

2009/8/17 Michael Terry <email address hidden>:
> Guh, I thought it was safe to revert to how debian did it (sending a
> HUP) in the latest upload because I noticed that rsyslog forces a
> lightweight HUP restart when privileges are dropped.  It seemed to work
> for me, but I didn't do extensive testing.
> OK, so if the realization is that lightweight restarting is just broken
> with privilege dropping, then that's good to know.  We just go back to
> the previous init reloading and your original report would just be 'WONT
> FIX' since we don't support manual HUPing?
> However, it surprises me that lightweight restart would be broken.  As I
> said, the code specifically chooses lightweight restarts when privileges
> are dropped.  I would think that means it would be safe.
> So Neil, with your original patch for 4.2.0-1ubuntu2, things weren't
> working?  I had tested them, but I think I only tested kernel messages,
> which wouldn't be affected by the 'open as root, drop priv' issue since
> the kernel messages are readable by the rsyslog user.
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> [karmic] Messages not being sent to system logs
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Neil Wilson