Comment 57 for bug 945987

Hi James,

On Wed, Sep 05, 2012 at 03:34:50PM -0000, James M. Leddy wrote:
> Doug, this sounds like an entirely different issue. Would you explain
> what this has to do with transmageddon moving it's presets files?
> Especially when most default installations have rhythmbox installed but
> not transmageddon?

This bug is about rhythmbox mainly; it's just linked into the
transmageddon and other SRUs by shared files and other shuffling that's
required. I think a further /code/ patch to RB is needed to implement
the behaviour Doug described (very clearly, thank you) in #55. But I do
not think this necessarily needs to fail this SRU?

Happy for it to do so and for RB to fall out again if you think it's
critical for the issue to be properly fixed (and that the 12.04 released
version is better in this respect than the proposed one), but I don't
plan on working on such a patch myself.

I think the transmageddon and python-gst0.10 parts are fine and can go
in independently of the rhythmbox part.


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