Comment 204 for bug 221112

(In reply to comment #76)
> Compose is not appropriate for basic symbols you need to write pretty much
> any correct sentence in the target language. And adding a specific input
> method for one symbol just because some people can't live with the modifier
> ISO chose for level 5 is disproportionnate.

Woow, calm down guys. What's disproportionate is the reaction here! *before* the change this report introduced, and which many of us are trying to get reverted, *both* nbsp and nbspc were easily available:

nbsp AltGr+Shift+Space
nbspc Ctrl+Shift+Space

Reverting the change this report introduced would get this behavior. Please understand we just want to get nbspc moved back where it *was* (or for me, anywhere on a 1-4 level), not removed or anything. Also, realize that currently there is only *one* Level5-specific symbol, and that's nbspc, so we basically have a key only for that.