Comment 6 for bug 164265

That's VERY strange... I just tested it with an m4a file, and the
resulting m4a file on the iPod looks like an AAC file in properties, but
doesn't play in anything I can try... however, faad decodes it, but the
results sound HIGHLY distorted.
On Thu, 2007-11-22 at 09:05 +0000, joss wrote:

> I can see mine are mp3 just by looking at the properties of one of the
> files I've transferred to the ipod in the rythmnbox ipod window. Also,
> when I delete those files from the ipod and look in my Trash, they are
> all .mp3 files - the original library tracks are .m4a files, encoded
> using iTunes.
> ** Attachment added: "Screenshot of Rythmnbox iPod properties tab, showing transcoded mp3 file"