Comment 40 for bug 1131664

Attila Hammer (hammera) wrote :

I experienced same results with GNOME Shell 3.10.3.
I have possibility only keyboard using Ubuntu with screen reader support. Now, how can enable for example the caret navigation support in Evince when I not using Unity?
Caret navigation support need when a blind user want reading a pdf support with Evince the Orca Screen Reader.
Usual, need provide keyboard navigation possibility. Visually impaired users only using keyboard and screen reader support, if entire not seeing the screen, not have possibility ofcourse to using a mouse.

Please don't block other environments the available menubar accessing methods.
Note: if I revert following patches, everithing works fine me with Orca screen reader:

Me suspicious the second patch with keyboard accelerators related. Why need remove keyboard accelerators with menu items and other actions related?

Testcase the actual version, only with keyboard and GNOME Shell:
1. Open a PDF document with Evince. This situation not presenting the screen any menu bar. Expected result: independent the desktop environment if the Evince application is the default application an Ubuntu release, need presenting a menu bar.
2. Press F10 key. Expected result: the GNOME style menu presenting (until the menu bar not awailable with GNOME Shell too).
Actual result: if I using the F10 key, nothing happen, because you removed keyboard accelerators.
3. Try enabling the caret navigation support with F7 key.
Expected result: a message window presenting to you would like enabling the caret navigation support.
If you click Enable button, caret navigation support is enabled.
Actual result: nothing happening.

Please fix this issues.

I now testing what happening when I reverted only the second patch, now Evince package is building my system.