Comment 29 for bug 1131664

Denis Washington (dwashington) wrote :

Patch against the current development release (3.10.1ubuntu1). This patch is different from the previous Evince patches in the following ways:

* It uses the "gtk-shell-show-app-menu" and "gtk-shell-show-menubar" settings, which should make it work correctly in any desktop environment.

* It slightly updates the Evince 3.6 menu structure to more closely resemble the new action menus (i.e. subtle differences in separator placement and item ordering).

To complete this work, some translations from 3.6 would need to be ported to 3.10 as they don't exist anymore (e.g. for the top-level menu labels "File", "Edit", "View" and "Go"), but I don't really have the expertise to do this so I left it alone for now.