Comment 3 for bug 1087017

Bob Filipiak (bfilipiak) wrote :

I have installed a 'tag editor' (Ex Falso, from the repositories) and MANUALLY edited the tags that were creating the problems.

With Rhythmbox open on one monitor, and Ex Falso on the other, I could watch the entries ""fix"" themselves as I saved the edits in Ex Falso, At least I was getting somewhere!

One thing I noticed was the few .wav files in the library, there are only TWO tags available (title and artist), so those can not be fixed where the sort order is not exactly the artist's name. (I guess we have to live with the ""limitations"" of the MS 'anointed' format.)

What this tells me is simply this - do not use rhythmbox's built in capabilities to edit tags, edit them separately.

As, a test, I renamed the db file (~/.local/share/rhythmbox.db), after QUITTING rhythmbox, and re-opened rhythmbox. It was nice to finally watch the library get recreated, and sorted correctly, except, for those .wav files. (I think I will rip them to .flacs)

I am not sure if this will ever get fixed, at least, I can offer my experience for anyone who encounters this in the future.