Comment 11 for bug 134918

Jamie Jackson (jamiejackson) wrote :

I had the same issues with Tribe 5 and the bcm43xx. I'm not exactly a new user, but I even had a head-scratching moment over the "The software source for package <whatever> is not enabled" message. I'd agree that a new user would be hopelessly lost.

Solution A sounds great from here (if only because I understand it, in comparison to solution B).

> A possible solution: give a shortcut to "Software Sources" inside the message. This way, the user could at least know where to go. Then it's just a simple matter of checking off the check boxes.

Well, there's also the "Update" step, which might not be intuitive.

In any case, I hope that *some* improvement is made by the Gutsy release, even if it is a more instructive message.

...and now I've gotta go off and file a bug for the bcm43xx simply not working (can't associate with listed APs in NM).