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Bug Importance Status Patch Age
Bug #1219360: Keysym collisions make it impossible to create certain keymaps Undecided New 406 weeks

From: Julian Yon
Link: keysym_collisions.patch

Fix for keysym collisions bug

Bug #251709: rdesktop works bad with several keyboard layouts Undecided Confirmed 604 weeks

From: Michael Lazarev
Link: mod2


Bug #389614: Rdesktop crashes when removing USB key with LTSP Medium Triaged 625 weeks

From: Jean-Michel Dault
Link: fix-usb-drive.patch

Do not call rewinddir(pdir) if pdir is zero.

Bug #303082: Add Win2k Terminal Server support Undecided New 654 weeks

From: hron84
Link: win2k-ts-licence-hack.patch

Windows 2000 Terminal Server license problem patch

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