Seamless mode using 1.6 in Intrepid doesn't hide window decorations

Bug #275528 reported by fubarbundy on 2008-09-28
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rdesktop (Ubuntu)
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Bug Description

Binary package hint: rdesktop

When using rdesktop with seamless RDP, every window on the remote machine should have its own local window with decorations hidden (hence 'seamless' :) )

Using rdesktop 1.5 on Hardy with seamless RDP, all the remote windows have their xserver decorations hidden correctly, and xprop shows that they have _MOTIF_WM_HINTS set for this purpose.

Using 1.6 on Intrepid, all remote windows (including menus, tooltips etc.) have local decorations visible - there are no _MOTIF_WM_HINTS set.

rdesktop version: 1.6.0-2ubuntu1, amd64

fubarbundy (launchpad-mailtic) wrote :

This bug does not affect rdesktop_1.6.0-2 from Debian ( - so it must be a patching difference?

hseffler (hseffler) wrote :

I updates to 8.10 today and am seeing the same bug. There goes my seamless windows integration. *sigh*

hseffler (hseffler) wrote :

Changing to the most recent Debian version indeed makes this bug go away. How about setting it to "Confimed" then ;-).

Larisa (val-budkin) wrote :

The same problem, only i386 version.

Marius Pana (mariusp) wrote :

I can confirm this same behavior on Intrepid i386 version. Is there anything we / I can do to ge things moving along in resolving this issue?

Sinister (la-infinidad) wrote :

Here's a Temporal workaround if you're using compiz:
Go to Compiz-Config Settings Manager (install it if you don't have it) and in Window Decorations replace 'any' with '!(class=SeamlessRDP)' or if you have other options you can just add '&!(class=SeamlessRDP)' at the end (everything without the quotes). Note that if you grab it by the windows border it may be a little lag before it updates the position of the window, but if you alt+grab it, everything's fine

nanopino (whichone) wrote :

i confirm this bug as well. its quite annoying, but thanks to sinister's fix its back to normal. Thanks man!

Christoph Blecker (toph) wrote :

I can confirm this bug too. It exists in 1.6.0-2ubuntu1 (ubuntu:intrepid/stable) but not in 1.6.0-2 (debian:lenny/testing). Can the package maintainer please look at this?

Changed in rdesktop:
status: New → Confirmed
Christoph Blecker (toph) wrote :

Dug into it a little further and compared the source code for the two packages. There are no Ubuntu-specific changes to the source code (they match identically). I have also successfully installed and tested the binary from debian's testing repo into Ubuntu with success, using the following commands:
dpkg -i rdesktop_1.6.0-2_i386.deb
aptitude hold rdesktop

It looks like something in the binary complication of the package that is different and causing this error.

Falcon1 (mike-valk) wrote :

I Too have the problem. Runnning Ubuntu 9.04

It seems that bug 375396 hold the source to the problem.

Saaz Rai (saaz-rai) wrote :

Confirming the issue in Karmic and Lucid. Sinister's workaround has helped

Stefan (steffel) wrote :

Tried version 1.8.1 from

works nice again in seamless mode!

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