rasmol: assert triggered on command line script with 'quit'

Bug #1219683 reported by Daniel Franke on 2013-09-02
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rasmol (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

$ echo quit > quit.cmd
$ rasmol -script quit.cmd
(rasmol:23062): Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_main_quit: assertion `main_loops != NULL' failed

Running rasmol and typing "quit" on the command prompt (F7) does not trigger this assert.

Ads20000 (ads20000) wrote :

Could you consider refiling this bug with the command: `ubuntu-bug rasmol` in a Terminal so that we have problem reports and then Invalidating this one? Thanks.

(I think there are other ways of doing the above, but I've personally found that way easiest)

Daniel Franke (franke-daniel) wrote :

Is this what you meant?

$ ubuntu-bug rasmol --save foo
$ cat foo
ProblemType: Bug
ApportVersion: 2.0.1-0ubuntu17.4
Architecture: amd64
Date: Mon Sep 2 12:59:45 2013
 coreutils 8.13-3ubuntu3.2
 debconf 1.5.42ubuntu1
 fontconfig 2.8.0-3ubuntu9.1
 fontconfig-config 2.8.0-3ubuntu9.1
 gcc-4.6-base 4.6.3-1ubuntu5
 libacl1 2.2.51-5ubuntu1
 libatk1.0-0 2.4.0-0ubuntu1
 libatk1.0-data 2.4.0-0ubuntu1
 libattr1 1:2.4.46-5ubuntu1
 libavahi-client3 0.6.30-5ubuntu2
 libavahi-common-data 0.6.30-5ubuntu2
 libavahi-common3 0.6.30-5ubuntu2
 libbz2-1.0 1.0.6-1
 libc-bin 2.15-0ubuntu10.4
 libc6 2.15-0ubuntu10.4
 libcairo2 1.10.2-6.1ubuntu3
 libcomerr2 1.42-1ubuntu2
 libcups2 1.5.3-0ubuntu8
 libcvector2 1.0.3-1
 libdatrie1 0.2.5-3
 libdbus-1-3 1.4.18-1ubuntu1.4
 libexpat1 2.0.1-7.2ubuntu1.1
 libffi6 3.0.11~rc1-5
 libfontconfig1 2.8.0-3ubuntu9.1
 libfreetype6 2.4.8-1ubuntu2.1
 libgcc1 1:4.6.3-1ubuntu5
 libgcrypt11 1.5.0-3ubuntu0.2
 libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0 2.26.1-1
 libgdk-pixbuf2.0-common 2.26.1-1
 libglib2.0-0 2.32.3-0ubuntu1
 libgnutls26 2.12.14-5ubuntu3.4
 libgpg-error0 1.10-2ubuntu1
 libgssapi-krb5-2 1.10+dfsg~beta1-2ubuntu0.3
 libgtk2.0-0 2.24.10-0ubuntu6
 libgtk2.0-common 2.24.10-0ubuntu6
 libjasper1 1.900.1-13
 libjpeg-turbo8 1.1.90+svn733-0ubuntu4.1
 libjpeg8 8c-2ubuntu7
 libk5crypto3 1.10+dfsg~beta1-2ubuntu0.3
 libkeyutils1 1.5.2-2
 libkrb5-3 1.10+dfsg~beta1-2ubuntu0.3
 libkrb5support0 1.10+dfsg~beta1-2ubuntu0.3
 liblzma5 5.1.1alpha+20110809-3
 libp11-kit0 0.12-2ubuntu1
 libpango1.0-0 1.30.0-0ubuntu3.1
 libpcre3 8.12-4
 libpixman-1-0 0.24.4-1
 libpng12-0 1.2.46-3ubuntu4
 libselinux1 2.1.0-4.1ubuntu1
 libtasn1-3 2.10-1ubuntu1.1
 libthai-data 0.1.16-3
 libthai0 0.1.16-3
 libtiff4 3.9.5-2ubuntu1.5
 libtinfo5 5.9-4
 libvte-common 1:0.28.2-3ubuntu2
 libvte9 1:0.28.2-3ubuntu2
 libx11-6 2:
 libx11-data 2:
 libxau6 1:1.0.6-4
 libxcb-render0 1.8.1-1ubuntu0.2
 libxcb-shm0 1.8.1-1ubuntu0.2
 libxcb1 1.8.1-1ubuntu0.2
 libxcomposite1 1:0.4.3-2build1
 libxcursor1 1:1.1.12-1ubuntu0.1
 libxdamage1 1:1.1.3-2build1
 libxdmcp6 1:1.1.0-4
 libxext6 2:1.3.0-3ubuntu0.1
 libxfixes3 1:5.0-4ubuntu4.1
 libxft2 2.2.0-3ubuntu2
 libxi6 2:1.6.0-0ubuntu2.1
 libxinerama1 2:1.1.1-3ubuntu0.1
 libxml2 2.7.8.dfsg-5.1ubuntu4.6
 libxrandr2 2:1.3.2-2ubuntu0.2
 libxrender1 1:0.9.6-2ubuntu0.1
 multiarch-support 2.15-0ubuntu10.4
 perl-base 5.14.2-6ubuntu2.3
 shared-mime-info 1.0-0ubuntu4.1
 tar 1.26-4ubuntu1
 ttf-dejavu-core 2.33-2ubuntu1
 tzdata 2012e-0ubuntu0.12.04.1
 ucf 3.0025+nmu2ubuntu1
 xz-utils 5.1.1alpha+20110809-3
 zlib1g 1:
DistroRelease: Ubuntu 12.04
MarkForUpload: True
NonfreeKernelModules: openafs fglrx
Package: rasmol 2.7.5-3
PackageArchitecture: amd64
 PATH=(custom, no user)
ProcVersionSignature: Ubuntu 3.2.0-48.74-generic 3.2.46
SourcePackage: rasmol
Tags: precise
Uname: Linux 3.2.0-48-generic x86_64
UpgradeStatus: No upgrade log present (probably fresh install)

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