Comment 13 for bug 1808766

After validating the different options (sorry for my interim confusion) I think for now the least-invasive solution is the second suggested change. The other options are not as-good IMHO:
- the first adds a lot of Delta to many packages
- the third would make a package require user interaction to work after install

1. remove BindToDevice=lo in /lib/systemd/system/epmd.socket of erlang
2. change epmd@ epmd.socket in /lib/systemd/system/rabbitmq-server.service to ensure proper ordering

I checked that in a container and it works for me as well.

That also means that any other "broken by recent erlang" would be fixed for now.
Mid term we can most likely follow Debian on resolving this.

Since initially this was found as s390x issue I retried there as well.
It is still crashing the same way on s390x, so we might have two independent issues here.