Comment 2 for bug 1176686

Felix Geyer (debfx) wrote :

KDE wasn't patched in raring to prepend qt4 bin dir to $PATH. The (upstream) /usr/bin/startkde script does that:

We should probably get rid of that in saucy.

> I believe the options strictly related on what to do now regarding qdbus usage in KDE are:
> 1) Continue to use the PATH hack, whichever package it comes from, but add support for multi-arch

That would mean prepending $PATH also with /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/qt4/.
Not something I'm particularly fond of.

> 2) Patch KDE to use the deep paths /usr/lib/$(dpkg-architecture -qDEB_HOST_MULTIARCH)/qt4/bin when calling dbus.

That's not feasible as qdbus is called in many places and we'd always have to check from which architecture qdbus is installed.

Here is my proposal for a fix/workaround in raring:
- Remove qdbus from qtchooser since we don't have a qdbus-qt5 anyway.
- Add a /usr/bin/qdbus -> /usr/lib/<ARCH>/qt4/qdbus symlink to qdbus

We have to come up with a proper plan for saucy.
Maybe we can move the qt binaries from /usr/lib/<ARCH>/qt{4,5}/ to /usr/lib/qt{4,5}/.
That way qtchooser would be able to cope with tools from different architectures (e.g. when qtchooser:amd64, qdbus:i386, libqt4-dev-bin:amd64 is installed).