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Bug #1427560 reported by Timo Jyrinki on 2015-03-03
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qtbase-opensource-src (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

Dear Release Team,

I'd like to get Qt 5.4.1 bugfix release to vivid. While generally bugfixes only, it's a big piece of software that affects many components. The reason for FFe is that the bugfixes included in 5.4.1 seem worth getting for all targets including mem leaks, crash and networking and HiDPI fixes.

Change files for some of the main Qt components (most others have not much changes at all):

qtbase: http://qt.gitorious.org/qt/qtbase/blobs/5.4.1/dist/changes-5.4.1
qtconnectivity: http://qt.gitorious.org/qt/qtconnectivity/blobs/5.4.1/dist/changes-5.4.1
qtdeclarative: http://qt.gitorious.org/qt/qtdeclarative/blobs/5.4.1/dist/changes-5.4.1
qtlocation: http://qt.gitorious.org/qt/qtlocation/blobs/5.4.1/dist/changes-5.4.1
qtmultimedia: http://qt.gitorious.org/qt/qtmultimedia/blobs/5.4.1/dist/changes-5.4.1
qtquickcontrols: http://qt.gitorious.org/qt/qtquickcontrols/blobs/5.4.1/dist/changes-5.4.1
qtsensors: http://qt.gitorious.org/qt/qtsensors/blobs/5.4.1/dist/changes-5.4.1
qtwebkit: http://qt.gitorious.org/qt/qtwebkit/blobs/5.4.1/dist/changes-5.4.1
sip4: http://www.riverbankcomputing.com/news/sip-4166
pyqt5: http://www.riverbankcomputing.com/news/pyqt-541

This would include the following Qt source packages, version 5.4.1. Packages marked with *) currently assumed to get synced without changes from Debian:

pyqt5 *)
sip4 *)
qtconnectivity-opensource-src *)
qtenginio-opensource-src *)
qtimageformats-opensource-src *)
qtquick1-opensource-src *)
qtserialport-opensource-src *)
qtscript-opensource-src *)
qtsvg-opensource-src *)
qttools-opensource-src *)
qttranslations-opensource-src *)
qtwayland-opensource-src *)
qtwebkit-examples-opensource-src *)
qtwebsockets-opensource-src *)
qtx11extras-opensource-src *)
qtxmlpatterns-opensource-src *)

qtwayland is also a new source package in Ubuntu that would get its first sync as part of this FFe - see qtwayland's own FFe at bug #1427225.

The following gles (OpenGL ES on x86 for emulator use) counterparts would also get updated: qt3d-opensource-src-gles qtbase-opensource-src-gles qtdeclarative-opensource-src-gles qtlocation-opensource-src-gles qtmultimedia-opensource-src-gles

Finally, the following packages would see a no-change rebuild: qt3d-opensource-src qtfeedback-opensource-src qtpim-opensource-src qtsystems-opensource-src ciborium gsettings-qt maliit-framework qtmir qtubuntu ubuntu-ui-toolkit unity8 qtmir-gles qtubuntu-gles ubuntu-ui-toolkit-gles appmenu-qt5 qtcreator qtcreator-plugin-remotelinux calibre fcitx-qt5 frameworkintegration gammaray plasma-framework stellarium kwin - note this list might change if a new private header user appears, ie a package that depends on either qtbase-abi-5-4-0 or qtdeclarative-abi-5-4-0.

The Qt 5.4.1 landing would happen via CI Train, via silo 012 that has already many of the packages built as test builds: https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-012

Debian does not yet have all wished packages syncable, but they will be copy-package:d once available.

The estimated landing would be on week 12. QA sign-off process (https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2015-March/038710.html) will take some time after the silo is otherwise ready.

General info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/QtTesting and the landing details at https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/spreadsheets/d/1xXhsnTwzvm5p6gDbUrDpRPSJV9tX4SHCptC9yUYCMmE/edit#gid=1981588972

tags: added: qt5.4
description: updated
description: updated
Scott Kitterman (kitterman) wrote :

Ack. Approved as long as it meets all the CI non-regression requirements.

Changed in qtbase-opensource-src (Ubuntu):
status: New → Triaged
Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :

This bug was fixed in the package qtbase-opensource-src - 5.4.1+dfsg-2ubuntu3

qtbase-opensource-src (5.4.1+dfsg-2ubuntu3) vivid; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release. (LP: #1427560)
  * Remove patches that are included in upstream:
    - debian/patches/Add-C++11-if-available-for-QVariant-autotest.patch
    - debian/patches/Break-after-handling-the-read-write.patch
    - debian/patches/Qt-should-not-print-warning-unless-we-have-an-API-mi.patch
    - debian/patches/QtBearer-networkmanager-make-sure-to-set-flag-Active.patch
    - debian/patches/Refactor-networkmanager-QtBearer-backend-to-use-QDBu.patch
    - debian/patches/Resolve-GLES3-functions-from-the-shared-lib.patch
    - debian/patches/qimage_conversions.cpp-Fix-build-on-big-endian-syste.patch
    - debian/patches/upstream_Handle-SelectionClientClose-in-QXcbClipboard.patch
  * Refresh patches:
    - load_testability_from_env_var.patch
    - enable_tests.patch
  * Merge with Debian 5.4.1+dfsg-2
  * Update symbols and mark private ones private using the improved script.
  * debian/patches/Correct-typo-in-the-Gujarati-openType-identififer.patch:
    - Fix Gujarati text (LP: #1426942)
 -- Timo Jyrinki <email address hidden> Tue, 10 Mar 2015 05:51:18 +0000

Changed in qtbase-opensource-src (Ubuntu):
status: Triaged → Fix Released
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