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Bug #1378361: Crash in CUPS connection code when printing Undecided New 300 weeks

From: David Boddie
Link: cups-crash-fix.patch

Fix crash that occurs if the CUPS library sets printers to zero.

Bug #1007847: qml pincharea doesn't work with opengl, works good otherwise Undecided Confirmed 347 weeks

From: Vladimir Rutsky
Link: fix_xinput2_for_root_windows.patch


Bug #1196869: DBUs-Signatures are not verified aganist too long or messages or to deep recursions Undecided New 366 weeks

From: Walter Schneider
Link: qt4-4.8.1-qdbus-signature-check.patch


Bug #791133: QGraphicsView based applications garbled rendering in kvm with cirrus video driver Undecided Confirmed 471 weeks

From: Marc Pignat
Link: fix-24bpp.patch


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