Comment 40 for bug 650539

Same problem here, experienced today

DISPLAY=:0.1 xterm ... was working, but I tried with firefox (instead of xterm), since its my usage for 2nd screen (FF visible in all desktops): crashed X

I then decided to not use screen1 anymore. Then in the morning, while I was scrolling in FF helding the vertical bar, the mouse pointer got stuck between the two screens (exactly as MikeB), X was 100% CPU. Had to kill it remotely.

At lunch break, I "xlock"-ed my screen as allways, when back, the load was 40+, with tons of "kscreenlock" spawned, one each minute since lock screens mode are just changing each minute. Had to kill everything again remotely.

Finaly, I ripped of any Screen1 or Device1 or Monitor1 in my xorg.conf, then the 2nd monitor is completely inactive and unconsidered.

Since then, everything works fine, except my second monitor is off :/

Hope this helps.

I have some log files of everything here, I can send it,if it is of any use.