Comment 32 for bug 650539

Maybe I am doing something wrong but ... in my nvidia-settings the TwinView option is grayed out. And always has been with all nvidia drivers I used. I have even tried to enable it manually on the xorg.conf file but again to no avail.

In my case I have 2 PCI-E video cards and each monitor is hooked to a different card (rather than one card with dual connectors) - does that have anything to do with TwinView being unavailable ? Is such a setup not supported by TwinView ?

On Mon, 11 Oct 2010 17:25:44 -0000
Alejandro Cuervo <email address hidden> wrote:

> Workarrounds for the meantime:
> Dual monitors: Use twinview. There is no need to have xinerama enabled if you just have two monitors using twinview.