fonts in qt4 applications on Jaunty totally unreadable

Bug #334916 reported by Caspar Clemens Mierau on 2009-02-26
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qt4-x11 (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

On an up to date Jaunty I am currently not able to use any qt4 application at all as the display of fonts is broken in a way that makes them unreadable. Attached you'll find a screenshot showing qt4-config on the left and Skype on the right side showing the same error.

The following might be of interest for you:

$ dpkg -l "*qt4*" | grep ^ii
ii libqt4-assistant 4.5.0~+rc1-0ubuntu1 Qt 4 assistant module
ii libqt4-core 4.5.0~+rc1-0ubuntu1 transitional package for Qt 4 core non-GUI r
ii libqt4-dbus 4.5.0~+rc1-0ubuntu1 Qt 4 D-Bus module
ii libqt4-designer 4.5.0~+rc1-0ubuntu1 Qt 4 designer module
ii libqt4-gui 4.5.0~+rc1-0ubuntu1 transitional package for Qt 4 GUI runtime li
ii libqt4-help 4.5.0~+rc1-0ubuntu1 Qt 4 help module
ii libqt4-network 4.5.0~+rc1-0ubuntu1 Qt 4 network module
ii libqt4-opengl 4.5.0~+rc1-0ubuntu1 Qt 4 OpenGL module
ii libqt4-qt3support 4.5.0~+rc1-0ubuntu1 Qt 3 compatibility library for Qt 4
ii libqt4-script 4.5.0~+rc1-0ubuntu1 Qt 4 script module
ii libqt4-sql 4.5.0~+rc1-0ubuntu1 Qt 4 SQL module
ii libqt4-sql-mysql 4.5.0~+rc1-0ubuntu1 Qt 4 MySQL database driver
ii libqt4-svg 4.5.0~+rc1-0ubuntu1 Qt 4 SVG module
ii libqt4-test 4.5.0~+rc1-0ubuntu1 Qt 4 test module
ii libqt4-webkit 4.5.0~+rc1-0ubuntu1 Qt 4 WebKit module
ii libqt4-xml 4.5.0~+rc1-0ubuntu1 Qt 4 XML module
ii libqt4-xmlpatterns 4.5.0~+rc1-0ubuntu1 Qt 4 XML patterns module
ii python-qt4 4.4.4-2ubuntu4 Python bindings for Qt4
ii python-qt4-common 4.4.4-2ubuntu4 Shared files for PyQt4
ii qt4-qtconfig 4.5.0~+rc1-0ubuntu1 Qt 4 configuration tool

I am *not* using compiz / visual effects.

My graphics adapter is:
01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation GeForce 8400M G (rev a1)

I am using the recommended nvidia accelerated driver version 180.

gds (gds-chartertn) wrote :

Same as bug 334657. I did a apt-get dist-upgrade and still broken for me in janunty kubuntu. No idea what to do.

gds (gds-chartertn) wrote :

rm -rf ~/.kde/*
Got rid of my custom settings but KDE fonts now OK (or at least they are readable).

Thankgs, gds, for your comments. As removing the contents of ~/.kde/ did not change the situation for me (and actually the directory only contained two files with real settings) our bugs might be different, therefore I'd suggest to not yet marking them as duplicates.

Checked #334657 - they are just too similar, so marking as duplicate and confirming #334657.

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