Comment 24 for bug 334657

gds (gds-chartertn) wrote :

This fixes it for me w/o deleting ~/.kde: Run gnome and find the kde "system settings" in a menu. If I set the anti-alias to "system setting" or either "vertical" setting for hinting it makes kde apps (e.g., dolphin) fonts bad. If I set anti-alias to disabled or to BGR or RGB (not vertical) it looks ok. (But when disabled, fonts are jagged. ) Then I log out of Gnome and start kde, fonts in kde apps remain OK.

I could not fix this easily in KDE because the fonts were bad in the "system setting" screen and were unreadable so unable to make the settings. In Gnome you can always use Gnomes's font setting to repair the bad fonts in kde/qt apps so they are visible in KDE "system settings" where they must be fixed since the Gnome font settings don't carry over to when you run KDE.

Hopefully the cause of this will be found and fixed before the jaunty (k)ubuntu release.