Comment 23 for bug 334657

gds (gds-chartertn) wrote :

After apt-get upgrade last night problem went away in KDE. As a test, in KDE settings, set anti-alias on then off. The problem returned. Today after another upgrade KDE still has bad fonts. Tried "sudo dpkg-reconfigure -fontconfig" and did not help.Still bad in KDE and qt apps also now bad in Gnome (e.g., dolphin). In gnome, moved from VRBG to RGB fixed dolphin in gnome. Had no effect in KDE after closing gnome and starting kde. Tried deleting ~/.fontconfig and ~/.fonts to no avail in KDE. Tried selectively deleting a few things in ~/.kde to no avail. Think now will need to rm -rf ~/.kde again to fix unless someone knows what to delete in ~/.kde.