[SRU] Bugfixrelease Qt4.8.4

Bug #1084965 reported by Sandra Karuving on 2012-11-30
This bug affects 4 people
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qt4-x11 (Ubuntu)

Bug Description


Qt 4.8.4 is released which is a bugfixrelease. so we dont need to recompile applications.
it contains security updates so i will mark it as "This bug is a security vulnerability" since i dont know it they where backported.
it should be possible to SRU because we have no new dependencies and it dont breake the depends of some other stuff.

the changelog:

Qt Bug Tracker: http://bugreports.qt-project.org
Merge Request: http://codereview.qt-project.org

* General *

General Improvements
- Copyrights changed to Digia Plc
- Add msvc2012 support

* Library *

- Fixed outline / fill inconsistencies in raster paint engine [QTBUG-26013]
- Avoid crash caused by drag and drop and winId() [QTBUG-27263]
- Cleanup CUPS tmp files [QTBUG-14724]
- Fixed inconsistent rounding of square cap pens [QTBUG-26013]
- Rotate non maximized windows
- Fix crash when invalidating a QSortFilterProxyModel [QTBUG-27122]
- Fix regression in QTextDocument::toHtml() with font pixel size [QTBUG-25778]
- qpa: improve DirectFB performance
- qpa: extend drawPixmap capabilities
- qpa: add non-opaque fill support
- Fix calculation of logical child index for row headers
- qpa: Fix rendering issue in blitter paint engine
- Introducing the PlatformPanel event type
- Pass NEON_ASM directly to SOURCES
- Enable NEON compilation on qcc compilers
- Fix number of available printers in CUPS support
- Mangle QNSApplication into a namespace when Qt is configured as such
- Mangle QNSApplication and methods into a namespace
- QComboBox::currentText: correct documentation
- QComboBox: mention insert policy in context of editable property
- Fixed cosmetic line drawing where begin and end points are equal [QTBUG-25153]
- Fix a regression with regards to hfw behavior in QStackedWidget [QTBUG-24758]
- Close popups on non-client area mouse press [QTBUG-1894, QTBUG-26120, QTBUG-26465, QTBUG-26827]
- Use the right properties when checking the frame's margins [QTBUG-22173]
- qpa: Fix drawPixmap rendering using CompositionMode_Source in DirectFB
- Fixed crash on destruction of animating QDockWidget in a QMainWindow
- Fixed GCC 3.4 build with sse2 enabled
- QHeaderView - no big update work if updates are disabled
- QHeaderView - length returns wrong value fix
- QHeaderView - fix minor bug in visualIndexAt
- Fixing font database memoryleak
- Fix a crash in QFileDialog when selecting an invalid name filter
- QHeaderView - correct drop on manual QHeaderView sectionmove [QTBUG-14814]
- Fix submenu navigation [QTBUG-20094]
- QWindowsVistaStyle: Restore altered brush origin [QTBUG-27828]
- HeaderView - call invalidateCachedSizeHint() on clear [QTBUG-22528]
- Fix GIF image decoding: do not zero transparent pixels
- qpa: Fix rendering issue in blitter engine (negative scaling factors)
- Windows: Fixed handling of key events containing ctrl modifier [QTBUG-10781]
- Fix scrolldown arrow not showing on popup for QMenu [QTBUG-27445]
- Fix zero-duration animations running Backwards [QTBUG-27969]

- Disable SSL compression by default
- HTTP header may be damaged - fix, unit test [QTBUG-27161]
- Bypass proxy for local connections
- Implementation of the BlackBerry Qt Proxy support
- introduce configure switch to use system proxies by default
- fix bug in QLocalSocket::waitForReadyRead on Windows [QTBUG-27816]
- Fix compile issue with building with openssl and in a namespace [QTBUG-25207]

- Include the signal code in the argument of (dis)connectNotify()
- QElapsedTimer: Fix typo in restart() documentation
- Prevent an overflow warning in assertions
- QTranslator: Use resource memory instead of copying it
- Fix for memory leak in ResultStore [QTBUG-27224]
- QString doesn't work with old ABI on ARM [QTBUG-15784]
- Make the qatomic classes work in ARMv5 OABI
- Fix regression introduced in QFileSystemEntry::path()[QTBUG-27356]

- Make QtDBus work again with D-Bus 1.0 and 1.1
- Fix QDBusServer with more than one connection [QTBUG-24921]

- Fix error when inserting to tables with datetime fields with QODBC [QTBUG-2192]
- QtSql: Correct documented default precision policy [QTBUG-27482]
- fix binding of bool type in mysql driver [QTBUG-27763]

- EngineDebug: Updated and renamed service
- Ensure child items are updated even if the parent item has no content [QTBUG-26846]
- Use QVarLengthArray when creating the connectNotify() argument
- Fix QObject::receivers() within connectNotify()
- QDeclarativeTrace patch for a custom trace instance
- Fix access to uninitialised memory that might lead to crashes [QTBUG-23214]
- QDeclarativeTypeLoader: Avoid stat() calls to . and ..
- Make the rules for redirects a bit stricter

- Fixed text drawing in OpenGL 2 paint engine [QTBUG-24453]
- Fixed potential use of uninitialized variable in qgl.cpp [QTBUG-26952]
- QGLTextureGlyphCache: Fix text rendering artifacts on NVIDIA [QTBUG-26444]
- Fixed memory leak in assign operator of QGLBuffer

- Accessibility: itemviews check for valid model

- Fix mmap usage (ExecitableAllocatorFixedVMPool.cpp)
- Quicktime: On 32bit applications it would not get out of the waiting state

* Platform Specific Changes *

Qt for Linux/X11
- clear XSizeHints before use [QTBUG-15418]
- Don't mouse-wheel-scroll QScrollBar when disabled [QTBUG-27308][QTBUG-21534]
- Fix realpath() call to older POSIX platforms
- When x-compiling on Linux the host tools doesn't have Windows' executable suffix
- Fix debugger detection when running on Linux [QTBUG-27632]

* Tools *

- Fixed window raise issue when handling remote commands [QTBUG-25407]

- Fix gcc 4.6 warnings about assigned/unused variables in Qt Designer

- Mac features don't belong on cross mingw target
- Use qmake to get PKG_CONFIG in configure script
- Postpone pkg-config detection until after qmake is built
- Undo variable renaming in backport
- Unscramble option help text
- Smuggle QT_BUILD_TREE to device_config.prf even during tests
- Find qdevice.pri even for installed qt builds
- configure: state compiler explicitly when testing for supported flags
- Support other platform names on configure.exe
- x-compile with mingw: fix codec linker errors [QTBUG-27618]
- Fix syntax error on configure.exe source code.

- Blackberry mkspecs: Refine compiler options
- optimize loading of qconfig.pri & qdevice.pri somewhat
- Remove the -falign-stack option from ICC's mkspec
- don't set QT_BUILD_DIR as a side effect

- Add -pipe option of win32-g++'s QMAKE_CFLAGS
- Fix XCode generator for qmake when generating for XCode 4.5 and later
- Revert "qmake vcxproj generator: map TARGET_EXT to $(TargetExt)" [QTBUG-26782, QTBUG-27554]
- qmake: fix .pc install target dir separators on windows
- Updated and fixed win32-icc mkspec for ICC 12.1 or better

- Register Qt 4.7 import on-demand, instead of at startup
- Update Traditional Chinese translation
- Doc: Update QThread class ref to reflect changes since Qt 4.4 [QTBUG-16358]
- Minor fixes to the QLocale data parser/generator
- Update Qlocale data with CLDR 1.9.1
- Update Qlocale data with CLDR 2.0.0
- Fix code convention docs [QTBUG-27852]

Sandra Karuving (lumks) on 2012-11-30
information type: Private Security → Public
Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :

Status changed to 'Confirmed' because the bug affects multiple users.

Changed in qt4-x11 (Ubuntu):
status: New → Confirmed
André Stein (andre-stein-1985) wrote :

In Qt 4.8.4 some things have been fixed which introduced crashes in kate and kdevelop due to bugs in QtScript/QTDeclarative. As suggested by the developers in the following bug reports


an update to Qt 4.8.4 should help.

Maciej Cencora (m-cencora) wrote :

Unfortunately a fix for QtScript crash is reverted in our packages with kubuntu_38_revert_fix_jit_crash.diff
so https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=297661 still affects all ubuntu/kubuntu users.

What was the reason to revert this fix?

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