Comment 28 for bug 1546328

Ross Gammon (rosco2) wrote :

@ Dmitry. I was just reading the discussion in Ubuntu-devel and wondering what to do. Without appmenu-qt5, the menu works from the systray, but the icon is not animated. It just shows a red cross all the time, which is misleading for the user.

So I guess we could just recommend it, and then it will be pulled in as long as it is there. We can then try and work with upstream to get a better forward looking fix for xenial + 1.

I would prefer that appmenu-qt5 is still around in xenial, because as Len says, Qjackctl is a critical part of Ubuntu Studio, and we would prefer a slick user experience.

@ Len. Have you had a chance to test the latest version in our testing ppa? I noticed a second menu appearing underneath the "indicator" one, which eventually goes away. It wasn't really that noticeable on my VM, but it was running at less than half-screen size,