Comment 8 for bug 41056

hi matt

Interesting; qiv had been working fine for me for ages, on warty, hoary,
> breezy, dapper and edgy,

i use qiv since the beginning, and it's started to fail with my fresh dapper
upgrade. (one week before the final release)

but recently stopped working with the same
> symptoms described by manatlan (Gdk-ERROR **: BadMatch (invalid
> parameter attributes)).
> XLIB_SKIP_ARGB_VISUALS does indeed work around the problem.
> manatlan, in your original description you said that you saw a
> segmentation fault, but later a Gdk-ERROR, which is not the same thing.
> Were you experiencing a different problem before?

now, i still have the gdk-error, but i'm pretty sure it made a "seg fault"
in the past (because it was a copy/paste of the error)
Sorry for this response, i can't reproduce the segfault ... now i still have
the gdk-error, but i use the workaround to bypass the trouble ...
sorry i can't help more

> qiv crash on dapper

"Oui, oui."
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