Merge qemu from Debian unstable for 22.04

Bug #1946892 reported by Bryce Harrington
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qemu (Ubuntu)
Christian Ehrhardt 

Bug Description

Upstream: tbd
Debian: 1:6.1+dfsg-6
Ubuntu: 1:6.0+dfsg-2expubuntu1

Debian does new releases regularly, so it's likely there will be newer versions available before FF that we can pick up if this merge is done later in the cycle.

### New Debian Changes ###

qemu (1:6.1+dfsg-6) unstable; urgency=medium

  * virtio-net-fix-use-after-unmap-free-for-sg-CVE-2021-3748.patch
    Closes: #993401, CVE-2021-3748: use-after-free in virtio_net_receive_rcu
  * ati_2d-fix-buffer-overflow-in-ati_2d_blt-CVE-2021-3638.patch
    Closes: #992726, CVE-2021-3638:
     inconsistent check in ati_2d_blt() may lead to out-of-bounds write
  * refresh uas-add-stream-number-sanity-checks-CVE-2021-3713{.diff=>.patch}
    from upstream
  * hmp-unbreak-change-vnc.patch from upstream
    to fix 'change vnc passwd' command

 -- Michael Tokarev <email address hidden> Wed, 29 Sep 2021 13:41:47 +0300

qemu (1:6.1+dfsg-5) unstable; urgency=medium

  * updated debian/patches/linux-user-binfmt-P.diff
    to work with in-kernel code
    Closes: #993658
  * d/rules: do not mark configure target as .PHONY
    since it is a real file

 -- Michael Tokarev <email address hidden> Mon, 06 Sep 2021 01:20:59 +0300

qemu (1:6.1+dfsg-4) unstable; urgency=medium

  * qemu-sockets-fix-unix-socket-path-copy-again.patch
    replacing socket-unix-maxlen.patch
    Closes: #993145
  * enable more devices for the microvm build:
     virtio-gpu & vhost-user-gpu
     virtio-input-host & vhost_user_input
  * move vhost-user-gpu files from qemu-system-common to qemu-system-gui
    this elminates X11 dependencies from non-gui qemu-system install
  * build and install vof.bin firmware
  * rearrange d/rules a bit to make different qemu builds
    to be consistent with sysdata-components
  * move ppc dtb firmware files from qemu-system-ppc to qemu-system-data
  * device-tree-compiler is now needed in build-indep-depends,
    not in build-depends
  * d/rules: use CROSSPFX variables
  * ubuntu only:
   - Revert commit from the previous release which restores
     relation between qemu-system-xen and qemu-system-gui
     since -xen is not compatible with -gui modules
   - qemu-system-xen does not suggest qemu-block-extra (incompatible too)
   - qemu-system-s390x recommends qemu-block-extra not suggests it

 -- Michael Tokarev <email address hidden> Tue, 31 Aug 2021 22:27:25 +0300

qemu (1:6.1+dfsg-3) unstable; urgency=medium

  * fix brown-paper bag in last upload (--enable-libudev)
  * ubuntu only: restore relations (depends/recommends)
    between qemu-system-gui and qemu-system-xen since -xen
    replaces full qemu-system-x86 and acts the same way

 -- Michael Tokarev <email address hidden> Tue, 31 Aug 2021 02:50:52 +0300

qemu (1:6.1+dfsg-2) unstable; urgency=medium

  * rearrange d/rules to be able to configure/build/install
    various different kinds of qemu builds (main/microvm/xen/static)
    separately, by splitting targets of d/rules into subtargets
  * enable many virtio devices for microvm build (Closes: #992029)
  * disable libudev and fuse for microvm build
  * rearrange options for microvm build in d/rules
  * tidy newly added assert in unix-domain socket handling code
    to account for extra /0 terminator for socket pathname,
    socket-unix-maxlen.patch (Closes: #993145)
  * upstream qemu added ignoring of *.patch to .gitignore,
    unignore them in d/.gitignore
  * re-add 4 patches which were lost from git
    during preparation for 6.1
    (not affecting the source package)
  * uas-add-stream-number-sanity-checks-CVE-2021-3713.diff
    Closes: #992727, CVE-2021-3713
  * Mention (some) bugs closed by 6.1 upstream
  * Mention closing of #947349

 -- Michael Tokarev <email address hidden> Tue, 31 Aug 2021 02:01:51 +0300

qemu (1:6.1+dfsg-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * new upstream release (6.1.0)
    Closes: CVE-2021-3607 (pvrdma: ensure correct input on ring init)
    Closes: CVE-2021-3608 (pvrdma: unmap initialized dma address)
    Closes: #989042, CVE-2021-3544 (vhost-user-gpu resource leaks)
    Closes: #989042, CVE-2021-3545 (vhost-user-gpu memory disclosure)
    Closes: #989042, CVE-2021-3546 (vhost-user-gpu OOBwr virgl_cmd_get_capset)
    Closes: #991911, CVE-2021-3682 (pvrdma: possible mremap overflow)
  * refresh patches, remove patches which were applied upstream
  * remove newly appeared pc-bios/vof.bin in dfsg-clean
  * add python3-sphinx-rtd-theme to build-depends
  * removed qemu-system-moxie arch
  * actually build many qemu modules as modules, and install
    them in qemu-system-common.
  * make strong versioned dependency between various qemu-system-*
    packages, so that modules works correctly.
  * drop very old versions from Build-Depends, Depends and Recommends

### Old Ubuntu Delta ###

qemu (1:6.0+dfsg-2expubuntu1) impish; urgency=medium

  * Merge with Debian experimental, remaining changes:
    - qemu-kvm to systemd unit
      - d/qemu-kvm-init: script for QEMU KVM preparation modules, ksm,
        hugepages and architecture specifics
      - d/qemu-system-common.qemu-kvm.service: systemd unit to call
      - d/qemu-system-common.install: install helper script
      - d/qemu-system-common.qemu-kvm.default: defaults for
      - d/rules: call dh_installinit and dh_installsystemd for qemu-kvm
    - Distribution specific machine type
      (LP: 1304107 1621042 1776189 1761372 1761372 1776189)
      - d/p/ubuntu/define-ubuntu-machine-types.patch: define distro machine
        types containing release versioned machine attributes
      - d/qemu-system-x86.NEWS Info on fixed machine type defintions
        for host-phys-bits=true
      - Add an info about -hpb machine type in debian/qemu-system-x86.NEWS
      - ubuntu-q35 alias added to auto-select the most recent q35 ubuntu type
    - Enable nesting by default
      - d/p/ubuntu/enable-svm-by-default.patch: Enable nested svm by default
        in qemu64 on amd
        [ No more strictly needed, but required for backward compatibility ]
    - improved dependencies
      - Make qemu-system-common depend on qemu-block-extra
      - Make qemu-utils depend on qemu-block-extra
    - tolerate ipxe size change on migrations to >=18.04 (LP: 1713490)
      - d/p/ubuntu/pre-bionic-256k-ipxe-efi-roms.patch: old machine types
        reference 256k path
      - d/control-in: depend on ipxe-qemu-256k-compat-efi-roms to be able to
        handle incoming migrations from former releases.
    - d/qemu-system-x86.README.Debian: add info about updated nesting changes
    - d/control*, d/rules: disable xen by default, but provide universe
      package qemu-system-x86-xen as alternative
      [includes compat links changes of 5.0-5ubuntu4]
    - d/p/ubuntu/enable-svm-by-default.patch: update to match v6.0
    - d/p/ubuntu/define-ubuntu-machine-types.patch: add ubuntu machine types
      for v6.0
    - d/p/ubuntu/lp-1929926-*: avoid segfaults by uretprobes (LP 1929926)
    - Ease the use of module retention on upgrades (LP 1913421)
      - debian/qemu-block-extra.postinst: enable mount unit on install/upgrade
  * Dropped Changes [in 1:6.0+dfsg-2exp]:
    - d/control-in: Disable capstone disassembler library support (universe)
    - Disable fuse export (universe dependency)
    - Ease the use of module retention on upgrades (LP 1913421)
      - d/run-qemu.mount, d/rules: provide run-qemu.mount in qemu-block-extra
      - d/rules: only save modules if /run/qemu isn't noexec
      - d/rules: clear all (current and former) modules on purge
    - d/control: qemu 6.0 broke libvirt <7.2 add a breaks to avoid partial
      upgrade issues (LP 1932264)
    - Enable SDL as secondary UI backend (LP 1256185)
      - d/control: add build dependency libsdl2-dev
      - d/control: enable sdl graphics on build
      - d/qemu-system-gui.install: add
      - d/control: add runtime dependency to libgl1
  * Dropped Changes [no more needed]
    - let qemu-utils recommend sharutils
  * Added changes:
    - d/optionrom.mak, d/p/u/avoid-fcf-clashing-with-i486.patch: fix
      -fcf-protection being unavailble on -march=i486 (LP: #1940029)
    - d/p/u/lp-1932175-s390x-cpumodel-add-3931-and-3932.patch: add new 3931
      and 3932 machines (LP: #1932175)
   - d/p/u/lp-1940288-audio-Never-send-migration-section.patch: fix
      migration with audio devices present (LP: #1940288)

 -- Christian Ehrhardt <email address hidden> Thu, 12 Aug 2021 15:35:12 +0200

Changed in qemu (Ubuntu):
assignee: nobody → Christian Ehrhardt  (paelzer)
Bryce Harrington (bryce)
description: updated
Changed in qemu (Ubuntu):
milestone: none → ubuntu-22.01
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