Comment 33 for bug 1832622

It is the same set of patches as we have on Bionic.
Bionic has
1. 8fea70440eb0d095442de7e80d586a285cf96be5
2. 399b2896d4948a1ec0278d896ea3a561df768d64
3. 8c5909c41916f25b47bfdc465059a926603c1319
4. 8ff43ee404d3e295839d1fd4e9e6571ca7a62a66

Disco for this bug has #2+#4 while #1+#3 are already part of the base version that is in qemu of Disco.

Due to different contexts they are slightly different.
Upstream defines it as
+#define SPAPR_CAP_CCF_ASSIST 0x09
Due to the context change in Bionic and Disco 0x06 and 0x08 respectively.
That index matters if it would be off in the capability_table[SPAPR_CAP_NUM].
I recounted the field to ensure there is no off by one and also otherwise compared the diffs of the upstream commits and the bionic/disco backports. There doesn't seem to be an issue in those.

@Michael could you retest this on Disco and the kernel you used (and worked) from Bionic.
If it is a kernel issue I'm fine and we can open a kernel task for it for Disco? That would help as we would not have to stop/gate qemu in that case.