Comment 31 for bug 1815889

(In reply to Ahzo from comment #0)
> The problematic code at src/util/u_queue.c:252 was added in the following
> commit:
> commit d877451b48a59ab0f9a4210fc736f51da5851c9a
> Author: Marek Olšák <email address hidden>
> Date: Mon Oct 1 15:51:06 2018 -0400
> Initial version discussed with Rob Clark under a different patch name.
> This approach leaves his driver unaffected.
> Since setting the thread affinity seems non-essential here, the failing
> syscall should be handled gracefully, for example by setting a signal
> handler to ignore the SIGSYS signal.

I'm curious what motivated this change to start with ? Even if QEMU was not enforcing seccomp filters, I think I'd consider it a bug for mesa to be setting its process affinity in this way. The mgmt application or sysadmin has decided that the process must have a certain affinity, based on how it/they want the host CPUs utilized. Why is mesa wanting to override this administrative policy decision to restrict CPU usage ?