Comment 15 for bug 1308341

Gordon Kaltofen (kaltofen) wrote :

Hallo to all, this is my first post here.

I have exactly the same problem occurred after Distribution Update Ubuntu Server x64 from 12.04.4 to 14.04.

1. I have Windows 7 32/64-Bit and Windows 2008 Server 64-Bit VMs, all show the same error with two dedicated cores (no pinning). In combination with the other statements I would say it is a general Windows problem - not specific.

2. I have an AMD Opteron 6272 (fam: 15, model: 01, stepping: 02, 16 cores) system. Therefore, this problem does not seem to be Intel/AMD architecture-specific.

3. I configured a couple of VMs ONE core and let it run over the weekend. They didn't crashing, but they reacted only very slowly an choppy. It seems that there is a fundamental error, which is responsible for the multi-core errors. After restarting the VM, the error is initially gone, even though the VM is still slow due to only one core.

4. I have the latest virtio drivers are installed in the Windows guest systems and use the devices Red Hat VirtIO SCSI and Ethernet (vers. drivers. Are these drivers installed in your VMs or do you use the IDE/SATA and RTL/Intel-NIC standard driver?

5. The VM images (qcow2) are located on a mdadm Raid1 volume of two SSDs. Since Linux kernel 3.7 ATA TRIM is possible with Linux software RAID, so I use the mount option 'discard'. I do not want to completely exclude the possibility that the error has to do with it.

Is there now an indication of the cause of the failure and possibly even a workaround?