Comment 2 for bug 301629

Jerzy Jalocha N (jjalocha) wrote :

OK, I understand your policy, and it makes sense. But I think it would be important to explain this situation in the /usr/share/doc/python2.5/README.Debian
 (or wherever appropriate). The number of Python packages in a Debian(derived) distribution is really huge, and discovering the right package with the tests is a daunting task.

I have still been unable to locate them. Even the 'apt-file' tool has failed completely! (Yes, I have the sources repositories activated in /etc/apt/sources-list.)

I don't know about the whole Python test suite, but there are at least some tests that are interesting for general purposes. Modules such as test_dict, test_iter, test_list or test_sets are very convenient for testing custom containers which adhere to standard interfaces, and are expected to work reliably. With the introduction of Abstract Base Classes (ABC) in Python 2.6 , this kind of tests should become even more important.

Thank you for your interest!