Comment 6 for bug 601040

Barry Warsaw (barry) wrote :

Hi Tarek, here's what I've tested.

Running virtualenv 1.4.5 with --setuptools (i.e. not running distribute), after 'apt-get install simplejson', easy_install simplejson will not download the package from Cheeseshop. With --distribute, it will download simplejson.

I built a package of 1.4.9 from Debian testing and installed it on a Maverick system. After setting up a virtualenv with --setuptools, easy_install simplejson will still not download it from Cheeseshop when it's been installed via apt-get. However, even with virtualenv 1.4.9, when called with --distribute, it will download simplejson from Cheeseshop. I can't tell where there's any difference in behavior between virtualenv 1.4.5 and 1.4.9 when run with --setuptools or --distribute.

So I'm not sure whether this bug is actually fixed in 1.4.9 or not. Therefore I'm going to move this to milestone 10.04.2, and I await your feedback.