Comment 0 for bug 1592664

Matthias Klose (doko) wrote :

seen with a test rebuild on xenial:

   debian/rules override_dh_auto_test
make[1]: Entering directory '/«PKGBUILDDIR»'
pyversions: missing X(S)-Python-Version in control file, fall back to debian/pyversions
pyversions: missing debian/pyversions file, fall back to supported versions
py3versions: no X-Python3-Version in control file, using supported versions
chmod +x debian/
+ mktemp -d
+ MYTEMP_DIR=/tmp/tmp.i5ZAMugsdp
+ whoami
+ ME=buildd
+ mysql_install_db --no-defaults --datadir=/tmp/tmp.i5ZAMugsdp --force --skip-name-resolve --user=buildd
mysql_install_db: [ERROR] unknown option '--force'
2016-06-03 11:03:28 [ERROR] Unrecognized options
debian/rules:25: recipe for target 'override_dh_auto_test' failed
make[1]: *** [override_dh_auto_test] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory '/«PKGBUILDDIR»'
debian/rules:10: recipe for target 'build' failed
make: *** [build] Error 2
dpkg-buildpackage: error: debian/rules build gave error exit status 2