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Barry Warsaw (barry) wrote :

<mterry> barry, it's OK. I assumed you weren't getting to it at this point.
         The deal is that it's blocking Quickly from supporting Python 3
         projects that users want to create (and we want to recommend them
         creating) [13:46]
<mterry> barry, we can coast another release with only supporting python2
         projects, but it should probably happen for 13.04, since we are
         getting out of step with what we ourselves recommend (python3) and
         what we are forced to recommend to app authors (python2)
<mterry> barry, though, in 13.04, we are looking at using pkgme instead, so
         maybe that bug becomes irrelevant?

So, postponing to 13.04 and putting it on the critical path, unless we switch to pkgme, in which case *it's* support for Python 3 is on the critical path.