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pyqt6 (6.4.2-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  * New upstream release.

 -- Dmitry Shachnev <email address hidden>  Tue, 07 Feb 2023 22:07:52 +0400

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pyqt6_6.4.2-1.dsc 4.1 KiB 8ac23f60055ebe6be8aabbf2fc881259cb47379ca0f81b820815d1a1b848deb5
pyqt6_6.4.2.orig.tar.gz 1001.6 KiB 740244f608fe15ee1d89695c43f31a14caeca41c4f02ac36c86dfba4a5d5813d
pyqt6_6.4.2-1.debian.tar.xz 7.4 KiB 7db06403cba665780ecb38caf35d62a63c99dd0b8ddd7460856cfd100dcd442d

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Binary packages built by this source

pyqt6-dev: development files for PyQt6

 This package contains the source SIP files from which the Python
 bindings for Qt 6 are created. They are needed for building PyQt6
 as well as creating bindings for own Qt 6 widgets written in C++.

pyqt6-dev-tools: development tools for PyQt6

 This package contains various support tools for PyQt6 developers:
  * a user interface compiler (pyuic6)
  * a translation string finder (pylupdate6)

pyqt6-examples: Examples for PyQt6

 PyQt6 exposes the Qt 6 toolkit to Python.
 This package the Qt example programs ported to Python.

python3-dbus.mainloop.pyqt6: D-Bus Qt main loop support for Python

 The dbus.mainloop.pyqt6 module provides support for Qt main loop for
 applications that use dbus-python. By default Qt uses main loop from
 GLib on UNIX-like systems, not its own one.

python3-dbus.mainloop.pyqt6-dbgsym: debug symbols for python3-dbus.mainloop.pyqt6
python3-pyqt6: Python bindings for Qt 6

 PyQt6 exposes the Qt 6 API to Python.
 This package contains the following modules:
  * QtCore
  * QtDBus
  * QtGui
  * QtNetwork
  * QtOpenGL
  * QtOpenGLWidgets
  * QtPrintSupport
  * QtSql
  * QtTest
  * QtWidgets
  * QtXml

python3-pyqt6-dbgsym: debug symbols for python3-pyqt6
python3-pyqt6.qtbluetooth: Python bindings for Qt 6 Bluetooth module

 Qt Bluetooth API provides connectivity between Bluetooth enabled devices.
 This package contains the QtBluetooth module of PyQt6.

python3-pyqt6.qtbluetooth-dbgsym: debug symbols for python3-pyqt6.qtbluetooth
python3-pyqt6.qtdesigner: Python bindings for Qt 6 Designer module

 Qt Designer API provides the possibility of constructing user interfaces from
 UI files at run-time.
 This package contains the QtDesigner module of PyQt6 and the pyqt6 plugin for
 Qt Designer.

python3-pyqt6.qtdesigner-dbgsym: debug symbols for python3-pyqt6.qtdesigner
python3-pyqt6.qthelp: Python bindings for Qt 6 Help module

 Qt Help API provides classes for accessing help contents programmatically to
 be able to integrate online help into Qt applications.
 This package contains the QtHelp module of PyQt6.

python3-pyqt6.qthelp-dbgsym: debug symbols for python3-pyqt6.qthelp
python3-pyqt6.qtmultimedia: Python bindings for Qt 6 Multimedia module

 Qt Multimedia API provides a rich set of classes to handle multimedia content.
 This package contains the QtMultimedia and QtMultimediaWidgets modules of

python3-pyqt6.qtmultimedia-dbgsym: debug symbols for python3-pyqt6.qtmultimedia
python3-pyqt6.qtnfc: Python bindings for Qt 6 NFC module

 Qt NFC API provides connectivity between NFC enabled devices.
 This package contains the QtNfc module of PyQt6.

python3-pyqt6.qtnfc-dbgsym: debug symbols for python3-pyqt6.qtnfc
python3-pyqt6.qtpdf: Python bindings for Qt 6 PDF module

 Qt PDF API contains classes and functions for rendering PDF documents.
 This package contains the QtPdf and QtPdfWidgets modules of PyQt6.

python3-pyqt6.qtpdf-dbgsym: debug symbols for python3-pyqt6.qtpdf
python3-pyqt6.qtpositioning: Python bindings for Qt 6 Positioning module

 Qt Positioning API provides positioning information.
 This package contains the QtPositioning module of PyQt6.

python3-pyqt6.qtpositioning-dbgsym: debug symbols for python3-pyqt6.qtpositioning
python3-pyqt6.qtqml: Python bindings for Qt 6 QML module

 Qt QML API provides a framework for developing applications and libraries with
 the QML language.
 This package contains the QtQml module of PyQt6 and the qmlscene plugin that
 collects all the Python plugins it can find.

python3-pyqt6.qtqml-dbgsym: debug symbols for python3-pyqt6.qtqml
python3-pyqt6.qtquick: Python bindings for Qt 6 Quick module

 Qt Quick API is the standard library for writing QML applications.
 This package contains the QtQuick and QtQuickWidgets modules of PyQt6.

python3-pyqt6.qtquick-dbgsym: debug symbols for python3-pyqt6.qtquick
python3-pyqt6.qtquick3d: Python bindings for Qt 6 Quick 3D module

 Qt Quick 3D provides a high-level API for creating 3D content and 3D user
 interfaces based on Qt Quick.
 This package contains the QtQuick3D module of PyQt6.

python3-pyqt6.qtquick3d-dbgsym: debug symbols for python3-pyqt6.qtquick3d
python3-pyqt6.qtremoteobjects: Python bindings for Qt 6 Remote Objects module

 Qt Remote Objects API is an Inter-Process Communication (IPC) module developed
 for Qt.
 This package contains the QtRemoteObjects module of PyQt6.

python3-pyqt6.qtremoteobjects-dbgsym: debug symbols for python3-pyqt6.qtremoteobjects
python3-pyqt6.qtsensors: Python bindings for Qt 6 Sensors module

 Qt Sensors API provides access to sensor hardware via QML and C++ interfaces.
 This package contains the QtSensors module of PyQt6.

python3-pyqt6.qtsensors-dbgsym: debug symbols for python3-pyqt6.qtsensors
python3-pyqt6.qtserialport: Python bindings for Qt 6 Serial Port module

 Qt Serial Port API provides the basic functionality, which includes
 configuring, I/O operations, getting and setting the control signals of the
 RS-232 pinouts.
 This package contains the QtSerialPort module of PyQt6.

python3-pyqt6.qtserialport-dbgsym: debug symbols for python3-pyqt6.qtserialport
python3-pyqt6.qtsvg: Python bindings for Qt 6 SVG module

 Qt SVG API provides classes for rendering and displaying SVG drawings in
 widgets and on other paint devices.
 This package contains the QtSvg and QtSvgWidgets modules of PyQt6.

python3-pyqt6.qtsvg-dbgsym: debug symbols for python3-pyqt6.qtsvg
python3-pyqt6.qttexttospeech: Python bindings for Qt 6 TextToSpeech module

 Qt TextToSpeech API enables a Qt application to read out text by using speech
 This package contains the QtTextToSpeech module of PyQt6.

python3-pyqt6.qttexttospeech-dbgsym: debug symbols for python3-pyqt6.qttexttospeech
python3-pyqt6.qtwebchannel: Python bindings for Qt 6 WebChannel module

 Qt WebChannel API enables peer-to-peer communication between a server and a
 client (HTML/JavaScript or QML application).
 This package contains the QtWebChannel module of PyQt6.

python3-pyqt6.qtwebchannel-dbgsym: debug symbols for python3-pyqt6.qtwebchannel
python3-pyqt6.qtwebsockets: Python bindings for Qt 6 WebSockets module

 Qt WebSockets API provides C++ and QML interfaces that enable Qt applications
 to act as a server that can process WebSocket requests, or a client that can
 consume data received from the server, or both.
 This package contains the QtWebSockets module of PyQt6.

python3-pyqt6.qtwebsockets-dbgsym: debug symbols for python3-pyqt6.qtwebsockets