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Bug #1643812: There is no entry in 'Play sound through' list when plug in headset jack [8086:9d70]. Undecided New 18 weeks

From: Bin Li
Link: multiple_jacks.patch


Bug #1565438: ubuntuBSD support Undecided New 52 weeks

From: Jon Boden
Link: control.diff


Bug #1171435: [AV200 - Xonar STX, recording] Microphone is not working on frontpanel Medium Confirmed 67 weeks

From: David Henningsson
Link: 0001-alsa-mixer-Add-Mic-Source-for-Xonar-STX.patch


Bug #1296420: Pulseaudio makes kde stall for a few seconds during startup Undecided Confirmed 129 weeks

From: Bruno Nova
Link: dont-delay-kde-start.patch


Bug #637066: Volume adjustment is extreme Undecided Confirmed 213 weeks

From: Anton Veretenenko
Link: CM109-mixer-quirk.patch


Bug #944295: pasuspender does not stop alsa-lib from defaulting to pulseaudio plugin Wishlist Incomplete 258 weeks

From: Antony Riley
Link: pasuspender-pasuspend-env.patch

Patch against alsa-plugins

Bug #886449: [USB-Audio - USB Camera-B4.04.27.1 (playstation eye), recording] Pulseaudio fails to detect card Undecided Confirmed 268 weeks

From: Yani Ioannou
Link: 0617-Add-default-4-channel-mic-array-profile.patch


Bug #689915: pulseaudio aborts with assertion decoded == a2dp->frame_length in function a2dp_process_push() Undecided New 302 weeks

From: Karl Hegbloom
Link: 1001-src-modules-bluetooth-module-bluetooth-device-fix-incorrect-assert-test.patch


Bug #475355: Choppy sound on Vortex 2 under Karmic Undecided New 308 weeks

From: Raymond
Link: 0001-Add-pa_alsa_dump-when-alsa-sink-alsa-source-undderrun.patch

Patch which call pa_alsa_dump when alsa-sink ans alsa-source underrun

Bug #178442: Pulseaudio fails to initialize ICE1712 chipsets Low Confirmed 339 weeks

From: nickp
Link: 90-pulseaudio.rules.patch


Bug #428619: [cs46xx] Need tweaks to daemon.conf to eliminate crackle/distortion Undecided Confirmed 392 weeks

From: knarf
Link: revert_svolume_mmx_to_known_good_version.patch

revert svolume_mmx.c back to last known good version

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