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Bug #1718824: The analogue audio does not work on the Dell USB Dock High In Progress 10 days

From: Hui Wang
Link: pulseaudio_11.1-1ubuntu3.debdiff


Bug #1720519: KDE/Kubuntu: Module "module-switch-on-connect" should be loaded once at most. Refusing to load. High Triaged 7 weeks

From: michael
Link: DontExitOnModuleAlreadyLoaded.patch

Upstream patch from Pulse Audio 12

Bug #1709055: Drop support for Android (Ubuntu Touch patches) Medium Fix Committed 24 weeks

From: Daniel van Vugt
Link: pulseaudio_10.0-2ubuntu2.debdiff


Bug #1152137: Pulseaudio won't start when home directory not owned by user Medium Confirmed 35 weeks

From: Nick Moriarty
Link: pulse.patch


Bug #1643812: There is no entry in 'Play sound through' list when plug in headset jack [8086:9d70]. Undecided New 61 weeks

From: Bin Li
Link: multiple_jacks.patch


Bug #1565438: ubuntuBSD support Wishlist New 94 weeks

From: Jon Boden
Link: control.diff


Bug #1171435: [AV200 - Xonar STX, recording] Microphone is not working on front panel Medium Confirmed 109 weeks

From: David Henningsson
Link: 0001-alsa-mixer-Add-Mic-Source-for-Xonar-STX.patch


Bug #944295: pasuspender does not stop alsa-lib from defaulting to pulseaudio plugin Wishlist Incomplete 301 weeks

From: Antony Riley
Link: pasuspender-pasuspend-env.patch

Patch against alsa-plugins

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