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Mike Rans (rans) wrote :

I have found something that works for a while.

I add to .asoundrc:
# Rate Converter to 48kHz, needed for Pulseaudio it seems
pcm.Filter_RateConvert {
    type rate slave {
        pcm "Filter_A52Encode" rate 48000

and in load-module module-alsa-sink device=Filter_RateConvert rate=48000 channels=6 tsched=0 sink_properties=device.description=SPDIF sink_name=SPDIF

Music plays through AC3 via SPDIF through Pulseaudio and Alsa, but when I close the application (eg. Rhythmbox music player), the SPDIF output "disappears".

I have attached a new back trace: pulseaudiooutput_rateconverter.txt

I think it's here where the Filter_RateConvert sink gets unloaded for some reason:
I: client.c: Freed 1 "Rhythmbox"
I: protocol-native.c: Connection died.
I: module.c: Unloading "module-alsa-sink" (index: #4).
D: module-always-sink.c: Autoloading null-sink as no other sinks detected.

How can I prevent this unloading?