Comment 11 for bug 312505

wulf solter (wulfsolter) wrote :


As far as feelings go, mine is that there is a lot more than two people affected. Remember we had to look through the suspend.log to establish that it was pulseaudio - not everyone is comfortable/familiar with that kind of thing.

Happening on fresh install of intrepid that got upgraded to jaunty around alpha2.. Does not happen to me when booting of intrepid live CD, have not tried latest jaunty live CD - thought only just occured when I got emailed Martins update, so I'm downloading now and will post when I have a result. IMHO, that should be enough of a test to see whether we have latent/legacy config issues or not.. Thoughts anyone?

Starting to get to be a real PITA to run 'pulseaudio -k && sleep 3 && pulseaudio' after every cold boot...