Comment 21 for bug 285412

Leonardo Gaudino (gaudino110) wrote :

Workaround from Mongoose does work for me, but without type plug section in .asoundrc (with that doesn't).
Modify /etc/init.d/bluetooth not necessary.
Furthermore I did modify /etc/bluetooth/audio.conf (attachment):


I'm not really a geek, nor a programmer, but I "feel" the problem is in bluez. The device works almost always with:

mplayer -ao alsa:device=headset
aplay -D headset

and work with skype also, but only for the first call. It seems that, under certain circumstances (not only with skype), the headset keep connection alive, or keep connecting and disconnecting (in that cases I ear the corresponding beeps in the headset). In such cases, if I /etc/init.d/bluetooth restart, the headset does "beep" like disconnecting, so anything return to "normality" and works fine, since the problem reappear.
With skype the problem appear always, but in only one case I could do 2 calls, whatsoever it does mean...

Ubuntu 8.10
bluez 4.12-0ubuntu5
libasound2 1.0.17a-0ubuntu4