[Hardy] minimizing/maximizing a window makes playing music jitter

Bug #202197 reported by Rotbart van Dainig on 2008-03-14
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compiz (Ubuntu)
pulseaudio (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

When play music with Rhythmbox, minimizing or maximizing a window (or summoning a window from the notification area) will make the sound skip and jitter.

Using other effects (Task switcher, etc.), on the other hand, doesn't cause any disturbance - even if looping them excessively.

description: updated
Changed in compiz:
status: New → Invalid

It happens with Metacity, too... so the the package hint was intended. ;)

Travis Watkins (amaranth) wrote :

Right, if it happens with both then it isn't a window manager issue so I changed the bug to pulseaudio instead since that is what sends sound to your sound card.

Thanks, I wasn't certain about that because it only happend with specific effects.

possible relevant package versions:

pulseaudio 0.9.9-1ubuntu2
linux-sound-base 1.0.16-0ubuntu4

compiz 0.7.2-0ubuntu1
metacity 2.22.0-0ubuntu1

nvidia-glx-new 169.12+

Tim Skinner (timskinner1) wrote :

I also have experienced this problem using rhythmbox, when minimizing/maximizing a rhythmbox or firefox window.

Changed in pulseaudio:
status: New → Confirmed
Tim Skinner (timskinner1) wrote :

I have just experienced this with amarok playback. This seems to be a pulseaudio issue.

darx (rabidphage) wrote :

same with ati fglrx, metacity and rhythmbox.

J0Sb31R (josbeir) wrote :

got the same problem:

* just playing music with rhythmbox
* gutsy 8.04
* nforce4 (CK804)
* happens with compiz on and off

Kristopher Ives (nullmind) wrote :

This happens if I change desktops in Compiz. However, this seems to happen if I use PulseAudio as my default system or ALSA, but I don't know if Rhythmbox is actually using that system or always PulseAudio.

Audio got much worse for many of us in Hardy :(

Kristopher Ives (nullmind) wrote :

Okay, bug appears to happen with Totem, Rythmbox, and BMPx. I wouldn't care about this bug (I hate PulseAudio anyhow), but removing the package causes ubuntu-desktop to be removed, which seems like a bad idea during the beta (I assume packages are being added/removed and such until release)

Kristopher Ives (nullmind) wrote :

Here is my output from lspci

Jery Wang (jery-wang2002) wrote :

I am using hardy rc

C2D 7500, 2.3GHz

Using compiz, and it happens when switching windows, popup windows.

And I tried to change device to ALSA, and HDA Intel and still has the sound problem.

It is affecting to a lot of people and the problem is reported in many different heading, but they are all the same.

sound stuttering in ubuntu
sound skip in ubuntu

And strangely, nobody seems think this is important. And I have yet to see the developer paid attention to this problem.

And Ubuntu is to be released in two days. Well, maybe most don't need sound.

Fastguy (erenoglu) wrote :

I confirm similar behaviour, it happens when I leave my computer alone for a long time.

Pulseaudio is running as system-wide-deamon, at realtime priority. When I stop and restart the pulseaudio service, problem dissapears, until I leave it alone for a long time.

ie, I use my computer at night, then I go to sleep, then I go to work in the morning, then in the evening, when I start to use my computer, the error happens...


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