Comment 146 for bug 190754

Jamie Strandboge (jdstrand) wrote :

After upgrading to Hardy some time ago, I found that when doing my regular development work, audio stuttering was all too often the norm (extremely annoying). This seems to happen not only with CPU-intensive tasks, but IO-intensive ones.

I stumbled across this bug this morning, and tried speex-float-0 which almost completely solved my audio issues, with having only 3 skips in 10 minutes (before, I might have that many in 15 seconds). My testing consists of running four concurrent compilations of evolution with 5 kvm virtual hosts doing various activities. This is on a dual core with 2GB of RAM (but 1.25GB taken by virtual machines). This was easily enough to cause audio extensive stuttering before.

I am not sure what the default should be as my use case is atypical, but it is clear that this configuration option should *at least* be more discoverable (maybe in release notes or other documentation).