Comment 2 for bug 1781428

Jamie Strandboge (jdstrand) wrote :

We can't just enable the patches any more because it will change how snaps that plugs 'pulseaudio' will work. Put concretely, the patches are meant to detect if the connecting process is a snap and if it is, unconditionally deny recording. Some snaps that 'plugs: [ pulseaudio ]' have legitimate use for audio recording, such as the chromium and firefox snaps for Google Meet, etc. If these patches all of a sudden were fixed, then snaps like firefox and chromium would no longer be able to record audio.

While Ubuntu will end up patching pulseaudio in some way to support record mediation, it won't be with these patches. This is being discussed in If you have experience with pulseaudio and are interested in the upcoming changes, please keep an eye on the forum (and ideally participate in the conversation). Thanks!